Transformers—More Than Meets The Eye!

I got to watch Transformers the movie (the first one) when I was about 7.  I REALLY liked it, even though I had never even heard of Transformers before! You’d think it’s weird that a girl would like Transformers wouldn’t you?  Well I did, I tried to draw them–I made a mini cardboard cut out of Bumblebee to hang by my bed.  He was my favorite character–he is most peoples favorite character it seems.
Of course as a small child I never noticed the bad things in the movie.  I liked it so much that I asked to watch it a lot.  Back then, every Friday was like “Family Movie Night” for our family.  I have a memory of asking my mom if we could watch it–Yet AGAIN!

Mom protested.  7 year old me simply said–“But we’ve only seen it FIVE times!”

I have a different opinion of numbers now.  It depends on what it is.

Well, naturally I tend to warm to the characters who are on the good side but are wounded.  Like Bumblebee; he had his vocal processors (The things in their throats that let them talk) wounded in the great battle waging between the Decepticons (Who are evil) and the Autobots (Who are the good guys).

Have you ever noticed that most characters who are injured badly and are good guys are the most popular?  In books, movies and shows!

“Autobots” stands for Autonomous Robots.  I had to look up what Autonomous meant, and I’m still a little confused about the meaning of that word…Anyways!  I’m not sure what Decepticons means.  However I looked it up and somebody said that it stands for “Deceptive Con Artists”.  But you can’t believe everything you hear on the internet, so I’m not sure if that really is it though.

It took my friend Kristi who had never seen or heard about Transformers even once to figure out that “Deceptive” was part of it.  I always thought it was just an evil name–until I mentioned the name Decepticon to her and she says–“Oh  Like Deceptive?  You know like evil?”

That was kind of funny that someone who only knows about it because I keep talking about it to her figured it out–when I’ve known about it ever since I was like 7 and I NEVER suspected that!

Well, I watched the movie again a few weeks ago.  My Transformers craze had died down a long time ago.  But that movie brought it back full force in one night.  So now I’m a Transformers NERD.  I’m even writing a fan fiction novel of it!  🙂

I finally was able to understand the movie because I’m old enough to FINALLY get the whole plot!  I even used to think that Bumblebee couldn’t talk because of a sore throat…Wow…

so anyways.  I’ve started watching the Animated Show of Transformers.  Which is like the newer version of the cartoon and it looks different.  I watched the first episode of the original show and I have to say that I like the Animated Version better…

Well I wanted to post the theme songs for them.

Before I post them–let me just say that there are only 3 shows I am aware of.  But there used to also be comics of them too!  There are also toys of them.  My brothers got an Optimus Prime toy for Christmas one year.  You have to figure out how to transform them.  It takes a lot of folding and stuff.  I think it also made noise…Well my dad really enjoyed figuring that thing out! 😛  We later got a Megatron toy from a friend.  (Megatron is the Decepticon leader.)  Only he couldn’t find it’s head and that upset my brothers pretty badly.  Well eventually we got Megatron’s head but it could come off and on after that.

Here is the music for the Original show–Transformers.

That show’s pretty old so it looks fuzzy, sounds a little odd and the characters don’t have very much emotion in their voice.  But it is the original and I still think it’s ok.

Here’s the theme song for the Animated version.  It first started in 2007 I think.  But you don’t gotta be an Einstein to figure out that this one is considerably newer!

The Animated version is my favorite one.  The characters are funny, dramatic, and actually express good emotion in their voice even though they our cartoon robots! 😀

Now for the last show I know of.  This one came out in 20011 I believe–making it much much newer!  🙂  Listen closely…This is the longest theme song, but it doesn’t have words–they have a whole orchestra playing this one!  Of course it’s kind of long.  When I have to listen to long music I just open another tab and do something on it while the music plays.
Music can have a very great effect on me.  If placed at the right times in a movie or show–it can afflict the right feelings on the watcher.  Of course it has to match the scene.  Dramatic music–dramatic scene.  Sad music–sad scene.  Happy music–happy scene.  And so on!  Now imagine if your favorite most dramatic movie–saddest movie–in other words very moving or emotion filled movie.  Well imagine that it didn’t have any music.  Than you watched it–and it didn’t have as great as an effect on you!

Well I only have two more videos to show you.  The next one is from the Transformers movie.  And you can guess that this was always placed at the most dramatic scenes!

Cool right?  Probably only to people who have actually see the movie though…

Ok!  Last one!  This one is just flat out goofy.  I looked it up and when they actually had it I just had to put it on here!

Alven And The Transformers I guess you could call it. 😛


3 responses to “Transformers—More Than Meets The Eye!

  1. I have watched the cartoon Transformers movie and some of the animated shows, but none of the other movies. I like the first theme song the best (from the first video in this post).

  2. Cool Erik! Thanks for commenting–I was worried people would skip the Orchestra theme songs because they were longer. I actually listen to the instrumental ones while I write sometimes! It puts me in a dramatic mood and helps me write dramatic scenes. 😉

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