Funny Videos!

Hi there, Thegirlnamedjack here!  So…today I’m gonna post some funny videos!  Some of them are mine, some of them aren’t.
Here is a funny video that isn’t mine.  It’s called, “Jellyfish”.

Strange and funny!
Also, here’s another video.  (Not mine.)

Oh…that video is just so funny!

Now here’s yet another video not by me!

Rather strange…Lol!
Well, here are some videos that I made!  🙂

This one is of my youngest brother.  😛

Here’s one of my brother and his friend.

Quite unfortunately I spelled the word “electricity” wrong in that video…:/


In this next one, I accidentally sang the song wrong.  Of course I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered if I’d gotten it right because–>

Random, yes.  Funny, maybe.  Short, definitely.



And well, that’s all for tonight!  😉


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