Recent Happenings and Some Fatherly Scare

Hi there, it’s Jack here!  (Well duh. :P)

OK!  First of all; sorry for not posting in awhile.  I really need to start keeping up with my blogs better!  I don’t get around to it enough anymore, I’m always writing in a book, reading a book, or playing on the computer.  Or I’m going to some local event in Canada.  (We’ve been to a few so far.)  However, this means that whenever I do get around to my blog, I have like six or more topics to cover; but I know it’s unwise to post more than once a day and that cramming it all into one big post can be a bore.  A bore to me at the least, I don’t know what you think when you read it.

Second of all–WE GOT TWO NEW COMPUTERS!!!  😀 🙂

Have you ever tried to write a book or keep up with a blog/online game(s) when you have five other people in your family, four out of that other five always wanting to get on?  The only reason that the 6th member of our family isn’t begging to get on it is because he’s still to young to play internet games.  Anyways, we finally got a couple more computers, so it’s easier to share and get more computer time.  We have a new laptop and a new desktop computer.  The desktop computer can not play YouTube, so no watching YouTube videos or Transformers shows when I’m on it. :/  But it has Microsoft Word!  So I can write on it!!!  😀

A LOT of things have happened since I last posted.  Including going to O.W.L (Orphaned Wild Life) where they take in orphaned and injured RaptorsRaptors are birds of prey, with hooked talons and a curved hooked beak.  (Like eagles, kites,  falcons and owls.)

I’ve learned how to edit pictures–Have you noticed my blog’s new theme?  My mom did that for me, she’s learning how to design graphics.  I’m still learning with editing photos, making them look sharper, changing the color and adding things in or cutting things out.  For instance, I’ve started to amuse myself and others by taking screenshots of Transformers characters while I’m watching the shows on YouTube, than changing how they look.  Mostly I take the evil guys and make them look like they’ve got makeup on.  But it works with good guys too.

She’s blaming a character in the show named Jack, not me. 😉

That’s Knock Out, he’s a Decepticon who oddly enough, looks like a “ladies man”. When he says “This HAS to annoy Breakdown!” He’s referring to his assistant named Breakdown. (Who would DEFINITELY not put up with the way Knock Out looks in this pic.)
Please note that this particular screenshot is not mine, I just edited it.

Now THIS picture I find funny. 😛 That’s Starscream, the Decepticon second in command.

I’ve just finished reading an awesome book called “The Red Pyramid” and it’s book 1 in “The Kane Chronicles”.  I’ll probably do a review on it! 😉

Now for some fatherly scare.  Several days ago, I was sitting at are new desktop computer, I don’t remember what I was doing on there; either writing or playing Howrse.  I had the head phones on, but I wasn’t actually listening to anything–(I just have the habit of putting them on to block out the noise around me, even though it doesn’t really help.)

So I also have the bad “habit” of slapping somebody if they scare me or are just playing with me by chasing me.  My reaction is just–slap!–Or at least I pretend to or attempt to.  :/  So after doing this yet again, my dad gives my a lecture on “not-trying-to-slap-somebody-playfully-because-I’m-uncoordinated-and-accidentally-really-will-hurt-them.”

A few minutes later, I’m still sitting at the computer, still not listening to anything so I can actually hear everything going around me quite clearly, when suddenly…A really loud fart noise sounds behind me–and I mean really loud!  Somehow I kept only two thoughts in my mind while I freaked out; that it was my dad playing a trick on me and don’t turn around and try to hit him.

So I “contained my slap” and instead just sat sat bolt upright in my chair while my whole body shook for about 3 seconds.  All of this happened in about 4 or 3 seconds actually.  XD

My dad thought it was hilarious and kept bending over with laughter.  This resulted in my mom asking what had happened and why she had heard a huge fart noise.  About that–My dad didn’t actually fart, he pressed his hands up to his mouth and blew really hard.

So, that’s the fatherly scare!

That’s all for now!

Jack-signing out–>


7 responses to “Recent Happenings and Some Fatherly Scare

    • My friend Laura really wants me to read the Percy Jackson series. At one point she said–“I wish that you could read the Percy Jackson series so that we can talk about it!”

      So I’m definitely going to read at least the first book and see if I like it–if it’s as good as The Red Pyramid than I will probably read the rest of the series too! That way I can watch “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” too, which is currently on the Canadian Netflix!

  1. We read the first three Percy Jackson books and then watched the Lightning Thief movie but we haven’t checked out the Red Pyramid series right now. Raven is into the Seekers books and Denna likes Geronimo Stilton.

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