Transformers Lip Syncing

Yo! 🙂

Do you like music?  And (or) Transformers?  Because I do!  😀
If I listen to a song long enough, I’ll eventually learn the words, or at least most of them. So I end up lip syncing to it while I listen to it on the computer.

I learned how to use the Webcam and have been trying to take a video of me lip syncing to a song while I listen to it, then adding that same song into the video.  But, I, uh…Only have Transformers songs.  :/

But since I really like to listen to it, I decided that I’d make a vid 0f it!  🙂  So I did–several times.  But I could never match the song with how my lips were moving!!!

Until last night…

XD ha ha!

Last night after finishing it, I sat there up in my room with the laptop in front of me, laughing at myself. XD!  When my mom came to tell me it was time to go to bed, I called her back in and showed it to her.

Let me try to describe her reaction to you.

Breathless, red faced, laughing and giggling very hard.

And as for dad–

Grinning the whole time, occasionally laughing.

I hope that you enjoyed that 2:03 worth of goofy!


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