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The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid

The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid” is the first book in “The Kane Chronicles“.

The Red Pyramid is a thrilling tale about two of your everyday kids who are brother sister and have to defeat an angry– wait–did I say two of your ‘everyday kids’.  Well what I meant, was more along the lines of–two kids named Carter and Sadie, the most powerful magicians to be born in centuries!

After their mother’s mysterious death when they were young, Sadie (Carter’s sister) goes to live with their grandparents in London.  While Carter has to travel all over the world with his father–the famous Egyptologist (Or so they think.)

Both siblings are jealous of each other; Sadie thinks that Carter is lucky to get to travel around with their father–while Carter thinks that Sadie has the better side of the deal because she has a normal life, with friends, a school to go to, a house, and doesn’t have to limit her belongings to whatever she needs that can fit in a single suitcase for travel.

One Rosetta stone blowing up,

The Rosetta Stone

and six ancient Egyptian gods free later–Carter and Sadie find themselves in the household of their magician uncle, learning that they are the most powerful magicians to be born in centuries!  And because of that–they are the only ones who can defeat Set–the god of chaos who has some big plans for the earths future!

Set the god of chaos.

Accompanied by the goddess Bastet, whom they call Bast for short (in ancient Egypt known part time as the goddess of cats if you will.)  whose cat-like nature means Bast is as sleek as she is sly and her claw-like knives about as wild looking as the look in her feline eyes (although she can be a rather funny character at the best of times.  Especially when she summons up cat food for lunch.)

They set out (oh that’s funny; ‘Set’ out) to destroy Set before the sunrises on his birthday.

  For a kid your birthday is one of the most exciting days of the year.  For an adult it’s that day that you become one year older.  For the ancient Egyptian god of chaos–well, just forget the lighter, he’ll light his own candles..and he has about 2,000 of them.

Hope you liked this review!  It was fun to write–I really liked this book and will definitely be reading the second one in “The Kane Chronicles”!  I recommend this book for at least 9 and up! 😉

If you look up “The Red Pyramid” on YouTube, you can find a trailer for it where the author, Rick Riordan is interviewing it.  But I liked the music and scenes on this one better.



I mostly draw and write but I have a side love for theatre as well. A few of my favorite pastimes are creating characters, role-playing and theorizing over my favorite series (whatever format they're in).

8 thoughts on “The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid

    1. Yes I did know that! Seth is also the name of a character from a game called The Legend of Zelda and The Ocarina of Time.

      And yes–the opposite of chaos–plus I don’t think that Set would review books!

  1. i love this book 🙂 i was just listening to it. We get the audio books i think i going to try the next book 😛

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