BC Weather, and Germany?

It is now autumn time where we live in British Columbia.  The trees are displaying bright colored leaves from flaming red–to florescent orange and bright yellow.  And of course the brown leaves. 😉  However, I’m not sure that jumping into a nice, big, freshly raked leaf-pile is an option when it’s raining.

Yep, that’s right.  It’s raining–and according to the weather channel and several other people–in British Columbia, the rain pours for a large portion of the year.

This is both good and bad.  I like to listen to the rain beat against my window and run off of the roof.  My three brothers and me like to jump in rain puddles and play in mud.  (The puddles can be water or mud; it doesn’t ruin the fun.)  When it thunderstorms we can pretend we’re in a rainforest by setting up their stuffed animal monkeys, bears, and other forest-y animals and make them do goofy things.

But–you can’t jump on a trampoline in the rain–well, technically you could; but you might slip and fall off.  The rain here isn’t very hard, it’s more–damp and depressing.  At least I’ve heard people describe it as depressing, I personally like the rain.  The skies are almost always cloudy, making it darker even in the afternoons sometimes.  Or confusing me into thinking that it’s earlier than it really is when I wake up.  (My clock is broken. :P)

But, hey!  Enough moaning about the weather!  🙂

Before I forget, I’m going to tell you about some rather funny things my brothers said a couple or so weeks ago…

It was night time, they were all in bed and dad had just finished the bible story that he tells every night.  While I got ready to bring the laptop up to my room, (I do that most every night after my brothers are all put to bed) my dad stayed in their room and talked to them.  They were talking about the town in Germany that they’d been born in.  “Bitburg”, is at least how it’s pronounced.  Suddenly the 6 year old punches the air and says–“Bitburger!”

He thought that, that was pretty funny.  Then dad explained to them that “Bitburger” really was a word.  It was the name of a drink that comes from Bitburg!  So they started to laugh at how there really was a thing called Bitburger.

Then dad says that when they grow up, maybe the oldest two boys and me could go to Bitburg to see where they had been born.  But the 6 year old says–“Jack would be dead already by then!”

He apparently thought that I was a grownup. XD

And while we’re on the topic of Germany, I’ll just post this video of a commercial that my dad, Everett and me all think is hilarious!  😀

Lol!  I’ve seen that video so many times now!  XD

“Hello.  Vhat are you, sinking about?”

After watching that video, my dad explained to me that in their language, they don’t say the TH noise.  And that for them W and V are the same noise.

But something about the accent in the video intrigued me.  It sounded so familiar.  Just like…  Suddenly I jumped up from the couch and looked at Everett with my mouth wide.   “Everett!  That accent is also  from…”  I left the sentence hanging so that he could figure it out.

But he didn’t, just stood there.  So after a little more of trying to get him to guess; I quoted the character that had that exact same accent.  And something must have clicked, because then Everett got excited.  :O

“Blitzwing from Transformers Animated has that same accent and pronounces things that same way!”

Ok, now I have to explain who Blitzwing is.  Blitzwing is a Decepticon from one of the “Transformers” shows.  He has three faces that he is always switching back and forth with–kind of like three different modes.  Each face has a different personality.  But all of them are a little insane.  Lol!

He is my favorite Decepticon from the Animated show.  🙂

Top to Bottom: The vicious ready-to-blow-everything-up-face, the thoughtful-almost-intelligent face, and the insane/incredibly-random-face.

Yes, he’s quite amusing to watch.  Not only that, but “blitz” is the German word for lightning!  And apparently also an army term for a very fast attack.

So…This doesn’t make sense.  This character is an alien robot with a German word in his name and a German accent.  But he comes from a completely different galaxy! 😛

Well, I thought that I’d share a video with you of one of my favorite scenes from TFA (Transformers Animated) with Blitzwing in it.  😉

Sorry about the quality of the Blitzwing vid.  :/  It was the best one of this scene that I could find.
Oh!  One last thing that I almost forgot about!  We celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving!  😀  We went to a friend’s house and had dinner–and my brothers and me played in the forest behind their house.  🙂


2 responses to “BC Weather, and Germany?

  1. Don’t feel too bad about your little brother totally misjudging your age. My very first day teaching I subbed for a kindergarten class. I was 22. They tried to guess my age and came up with everything from 12 to 91! 🙂

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