Dog Days: The Georgia Dawgs

“Dawg”, is slang for “dog”–and also a word that can often be heard yelled at football games in South Georgia.  If you are from the south, you already know what “dawg” means.  And if you have read the title above, it’s not too hard to figure it out.  😉
So my old dog Jake, is now living with a family of seven people!  His new family is made up of, the father and mother, a set of triplet girls (two of which are identical), and a set of twin girls.  So he has lots of kids to play with, and I hear he’s been having a blast with them in their in-ground pool (he always did like water).  So I’m gonna guess that he doesn’t have a problem with the lack of boys in his his new family.

Than again, imagine how the father must feel sometimes…

Anyways!  The other day my mom called me over to her laptop and showed me a picture that she had found on Facebook.  It was taken by the mother of Jake’s new family.

It was cold the other morning down there in Georgia–and apparently the girls thought that Jake was cold too.

Maybe he was cold, I dunno.  I somehow find it ironic that they think it’s cold down in Georgia–while it’s just getting started up here in Canada…

Now I’ve tried to put capes and stuff on Jake before; and you know he never went for it.  He always dragged the cape around and stepped on it a bunch, or wouldn’t let me tie it on straight and so on.  But a GAP shirt?!  He must have fallen head over paws in love with these girls if he’s letting them dress him up.  And I thought dogs liked being naked.  I mean; they’ve got fur right?

Ok, so not ALL breeds of dog have hair–or at least enough hair. But Jake has bushy, thick, black, fur.
And yet, the GAP shirt looks good on him and I have nothing against dogs wearing clothes.
It’s if the dogs do.  (I got this picture off of Wikipedia by looking up “Hairless Dog”.)

So, as you saw in the picture of Jake in the GAP sweater; he’s obviously been professionally groomed and trimmed.  Good for him–we never had the money for that, and as an outdoor dog he would always just go get dirty again.

And lastly–somebody on made me a cartoony picture of Jake!  But here’s the thing–they didn’t really make me a picture.  I know because I looked up “Cartoonize Your Pet” and found a website with that exact same picture.  She’d just added the word “Jake” onto it.  But I’m glad to have it.  🙂
Here it is–oh, technically Jake’s only white markings was the stripe going down his chest.  So the white paws and white on the muzzle aren’t really on him.   Isn’t it cute?  I’ve seen him stand in that same position before too!  😀



2 responses to “Dog Days: The Georgia Dawgs

  1. Wow, Jake loves the water! 🙂 He does look pretty happy with all those girls.

    Jack, somehow I haven’t been getting your latest posts. I just hopped on here to see what was new today and found two new posts. I’m going to unsubscribe and resubscribe and see if that works. Sounds like you’re having a really good time in BC even though Jake is still in Georgia and even though there’s lots of rain. You and your brothers always do a great job making your own fun!

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