A Border Brew and a Cowgirl! (Sort Of)

Happy Halloween!

Even though, it isn’t going to be Halloween for another 5 days. 🙂

Guess what we’re doing tomorrow?

We’re going to a fall festival at our church!  Oh my goodness I’m so excited!  (My mom doesn’t like me saying OMG, even though I said that when I say it, I mean it as ‘Oh My Goodness’.  But she says that, that doesn’t change what it really means.)

And guess what else?  The fall festival is going to be cowboy themed!  And they want to see which cowboy/cowgirl can wear the most “bling”.  This probably only really applies to the cowgirls, but maybe there will be a few boys wearing some necklaces or something.

I’m training at our church to be a “buddy”–which is basically put, being a friend with a kid who needs more attention, or has problems etc.  As a buddy your job is to help them at church (at least), like helping them to cooperate in their classes.
I got an e-mail saying that they didn’t need anymore help with the younger kids at the fall carnival–they already had enough helpers.  Then I was asked (through e-mail) if I wanted to help out at a booth, or if I’d rather just have fun with my siblings at the carnival.  And I’ll be honest, I’d been wanting to just chill at the carnival and play games, earn candy–to put it simple, I just wanted to have fun this time around.

Hope that doesn’t make me sound to selfish.  But I e-mailed back saying that I’d rather hang out with my siblings this time.

You know how I said not that many paragraphs ago that this years’ carnival is cowboy themed?  Well, although I haven’t looked in our dress-up-box to check; I’m pretty sure that we don’t have 4 cowboy hats in there.  And what if we do have at least one cowboy hat?  Who out of the four siblings is going to wear it?

This is why, about a week or so ago, when my mom and me were out shopping; I asked if we could buy a cowboy hat.  She said that if she bought me one, she’d have to buy one for all my brothers too.  And that they’d be really expensive.  We did look at some cowboy hats at the Value Village (it’s kinda like the Salvation Army in Canada), and you know what?  We didn’t get one–they were all very expensive.  Of course, she was right.

However I do have my diamond horseshoe earrings that I could wear there.  Although, I’ve been wearing them everyday–so people might not notice them.  In other words I might just look like I don’t have an ounce of cowgirl-like clothing on me.

But hey–who cares!  Because I think that the candy will most certainly make up for that!  😀

And now, for the “Border Brews”.

Border Brews, is the name of a coffee place in Blang.  And Blang (I’m guessing that’s how it’s spelled) is a town next to the Canadian/American border.  So it’s called Border Brews.

Whenever my mom and me go shopping in America–on our way back to cross the border back into Canada, we stop by Border Brews for a treat.  She usually gets her favorite; the Pumpkin Spice Latte.  As for me; I get the kids’ cup of Hot Cocoa.  🙂

Last time we went there, was the first time I had gone through Border Brews.  Whereas my mom had been several times before on her shopping trips alone.  I got a hot cocoa, and was quite surprised when the lady at the window handed us a kids’ cup of hot cocoa, with a small mountain of whipped cream on top of the lid.

We went again today, and I got hot cocoa again.  This time they asked if I wanted whipped cream on the lid.  Why (how) would I (could I) say no to a pile of whipped cream?!  This time, the whipped cream came covered in sprinkles.

How thoughtful.

In case you were wondering.  We tend to go shopping in America, because it’s cheaper there.  Not as cheap as it was in Georgia, but cheaper nonetheless.

And one more awesome thing…

We bought Halloween candy!!!  (But shh don’t tell my brothers; they aren’t supposed to know.)


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