Fall Carnival!

I woke up much earlier than I usually do this morning.  I stay up ’till 11:00pm something some nights.  And usually wake up around 9:00am the next day.  But because I have such a laid back life, I lay in bed imagining things (I have a very wide imagination that is basically like my own movie theater) and don’t get up until 10, 11 and sometimes even 12:oo!  So yes, I am lazy.

When I woke up this morning, my room was still very dark, and I was still mostly asleep.  I kept blinking open my eyes every once and awhile, felt how tired they were, and shutting them again.  But eventually I forced my eyes to stay open and checked my bedside clock.  That was no good, it’s broken and works an hour and something ahead of time perpetually.

So I got out of bed, basically zigzagging out of my room to get to the bathroom.  (I kept knocking into door frames and stuff, I must have still been partly asleep.)

Whenever I stumbled my way back to my room, I slid under all my blankets and lay there shivering a bit.  I didn’t dare peer into my parents room to look at one of their digital clocks that sit on both sides of their bed.  Their door was only opened partway, and I had heard my dad in there not to long ago.  If he saw me, he would know I was awake, and I’d rather be left alone in my mornings to imagine.

But, imagining in my bed got a bit dull after awhile.  I mean–the fall carnival was today right?!
And yesterday my mom and me had gotten some new books that we’d had on hold that had finally come to the library.  Well, actually, we’d put these same two books on hold throughout the last couple of months several times.  We’d just never managed to go and get them. :/

So my newest Warriors book by Erin Hunter was sitting on my bookshelf/bedside table.  And it was so tantalizing…  So I read it instead.  🙂

Whenever my dad came to get me up, he found me reading, not sleeping or imagining.  (Well technically I had to imagine what was going on in the book.)

I was crestfallen and slightly surprised to learn once I’d gotten downstairs, that my youngest brother had been throwing up.

1. He was sick.

2. Because he was sick, this might mean no fall carnival.

But as it ended up, he didn’t throw up for the rest of the day.  Mom staid home with him just in case though, and my dad, my two oldest brothers and me, all went to the fall carnival about 25 minutes after 5:00pm.

Once we got there, we had a blast!  There was all kinds of games, mainly they seemed to be for younger kids.  But we got candy for them–plus, they were fun.  😀

Probably the funniest part was when I raced my friend Anthony at the tricycle race!  He’s my age and our legs were too long to move the pedals.  XD!  We scooted around the pile of hay bales on the tricycles, and I was winning–until we got to the third round.  Not realizing that the race was still on, I slowed down and he overtook me.  In trying to scoot the tricycle forward faster than him, my boot got stuck between my tricycle and a hay bale and he beat me.

They give you candy even if you lose.  (I don’t know a smiley face that represents a smug look. 😛 )

I was a little embarrassed playing the little kid type games and especially when I couldn’t do it right–like ringing the horseshoes on the little pole, throwing the bean-bags through the holes, or lassoing a bouncy rocking horse.

There was a moment where I was pretty embarrassed though.  There was a station called the “Fishin’ Hole”.  And all you did was stick your net through the flap and the person on the other side gave you something.  The man handing the kids nets kept telling them to say something really baby-ish to the person so that they’d put the thing in your net.  I watched him do it to two kids and thought–“Surely because I’m older, I won’t have to say anything like that?” 


He came up to me, and after handing me a net told me to say “I love you fishy very much, give me something good.”  I just stared up at him for a little while, to see if he was joking or not.  But then he told the person behind the the station what I had to say before they gave anything to me.

I wouldn’t say he coaxed me into it, as much as I was embarrassed at having to say such a kiddy sounding thing with a line of people watching–so I got it over with.  Although I did alter what I said just a little bit.  I said–“I love you fishy very much, just give me something good.”  XD

Here are some pictures.  I didn’t have a camera with me at the carnival, so I took pictures when I got home.

This the card that we wore around our neck to keep track of which station you’d been to and hadn’t been to yet.

One of the brothers didn’t won’t a free fake tattoo. So he got one to give to the youngest brother back home.

This is the 8 year old’s tattoo that he got.

This is my tattoo.
My cowgirl braids. Lol!

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