Crookedstar’s Promise

There are lots of different types of Warriors books.  There are three series following after the original series, the first is simply called “Warriors”.  There are Manga Editions, Field Guides, and Super Editions too!  Maybe more, I’m not sure.

But what I am sure of–is that I loved Crookedstar’s Promise from the Prologue to the last chapter! 😀

It starts off on the night of a raging storm–the river has broken the banks and is flooding through the RiverClan camp, which is an island out on the lake!  The cats are trying to catch their reed-woven dens that are floating away and to get to higher ground, but the water just keeps rising.

A young RiverClan Queen named Rainflower has her kits dearing the storm.  Up in a hollow in an oak tree where it’s safe and dry, she gives birth to her kits.  One is named Oakkit, after the oak tree that sheltered her from the storm.  And the other is called Stormkit, because he was born in a storm.

The story goes on from Stormkit’s point of view, as he goes from Stormkit–to Crookedkit, to three other names; all starting with Crooked.

His whole life changes, his clan-mates won’t even look at him because of one very unfortunate accident…

I really liked this book, it was hard to put it down and I was sad when it was over.  I had gotten really into reading from Stormkit’s point of view.  It’s dramatic, sad, with some romance intertwined with grief.  And most definitely filled with many unfortunate losses that seem to leave the main character thinking he’s more crooked than he really is.

Here are some pictures of cats from Crookedstar’s Promise that I got off of a Warriors website.

Oh!  One more detail.  If you havn’t read the original Warriors arc, this book will spoil a lot for you. 😉








9 responses to “Crookedstar’s Promise

    • I didn’t realize that she was that into them! I’m in love with them myself. 🙂
      Unless she’s read all 6 books of the original series, I wouldn’t suggest her reading Crookedstar’s Promise yet though.
      It would spoil A LOT.

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