Animal Jam Halloween Poem

I wrote a Halloween themed poem for Animal Jam. 🙂  Here it is–>

The Night Of The Phantoms

The Jammers flee, scurry and scream as the Phantom floats ever closer.

One small Jammer is down on her knees, crying; “Please, leave us alone sir!”

But the Phantom floats on, keeping a fast pace, looking upon each fearful face.

“Why THIS time of year?”  Cries a small fox, making sure that his den is well locked.

A bunny nearby, coolly replies.  “It’s like this every year—no need to fear!”

“Don’t fear?!”  Shrieks a seal nearby.  “One misstep and we could all die!”

 This makes a wolf howl; he’s scared of the Phantoms lurking everywhere.

“Hush now—take a candy, its fancy!  Celebrate!  The Phantoms really aren’t that scary.”  Soothes a Crocodile, producing some candy that makes the wolf smile.

 “Well, fine.  But just for awhile…”

Happy Halloween!!!


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