A Weird Dream

Hi!  I had a weird dream last night–and after describing what I could remember of it to my mom, she said that I should make  blog post about it.  So I am.

And although I have other things to post about–like NaNoWriMo for instance–I’d best post about my weird dream before I forget it.

Because, well, dreams slip away so easily.

Ok–here it is; what I can remember anyways.  🙂

My Weird Dream That I Had Last Night

In my dream, my family and I went to TWU (Trinity Western University) which is the school that my dad is going to.

This summer (in real life) we had stayed in an apartment on the school’s campus where I made two of some of the best friends I have ever had–we saw each other almost everyday and almost everyday walked on the nature trails at TWU together.  There names are Kristi and Laura–however, they moved to Malaysia and we’re in Canada, so–tough luck.  (We e-mail each other.)

So in my dream, we got out of the car and were at TWU because they were having like a meeting and our parents were coming.  I got really excited when Kristi and Laura were there and they probably did too–but my dream is kinda fuzzy.

We decided to walk on the nature trails we’d spent the whole summer walking on together–so we did.  At one point back at where everybody else was, somebody started talking about the giant cat fish on that show called “River Monsters”–because supposedly these five foot or bigger cat fish in the Amazon and the Congo could eat people.  So than I was like–“I know a lake where those cat fish are!”  And I led Kristi and Laura to a lake at TWU (this lake only exists in my dream) and we stood on a very tiny, narrow bank and at the water for a short time, before leaving because we were afraid that a cat fish would come out and eat us…

Laura, Kristi and me kept going on the trails and then back to where everybody else was gathered.  The trails were all overgrown and there was only enough room for a small animal to fit through–we assumed that this was because we hadn’t been on them in along time.  Coincidentally, we turned into cats.

And not just any cats–Warrior cats, like from the book series “Warriors”.  I can’t remember what color Laura and Kristi were, but I think that I was a ginger cat with thick fur and a creamy underbelly.  And that we were all a bit larger than normal cats I think.  Well actually–they might have been slender gray cats; but I seemed to be a very thickly built, large-pawed cat.

And then these little kids wanted to go with us on the trails and their parents were worried and I think they asked us if we could watch them.  We (or at least me) said that we could–but I think some of the parents came with us anyways.

Eventually the little kids turned into little kittens who kept playing around in the undergrowth that was enveloping most of the trail.  At one point Kristi, Laura and me had to really squeeze to get past some closely-grown-huge brambles on the trail.  We stopped in a very shady thorn tunnel and that was when I suggested that maybe we should have picked up the kittens (by the scruffs) and brought them with us through the brambles.

And you know what?  I don’t remember anything else…

I’m going to end this post by telling you this–I don’t remember how we turned into Warriors or how the little kids turned into kits; we just, like, did .  And I didn’t even notice the change.

I have had weird dreams before–and it seems like I tend to turn into an animal of some kind (it might be a fictional animal sometimes) and I don’t notice that I’ve changed, it will just seem perfectly normal until I wake up and I’m like.

“Wasn’t I a human at the beginning of that dream???”


7 responses to “A Weird Dream

  1. I had a dream once where the blue monster, named Sully, from Monsters Inc. was chasing me in a castle and then all the sudden, boom, he was chasing me in Egypt. I realized this in my dream but didn’t really think about it till I woke up. Dreams are weird!

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