My 12th Birthday!

It’s my Birthday today!  😀

I’ve gotten some awesome presents before on other Birthdays.  Usually there has been one certain present that I really want; one year (or two years, I don’t remember) I wanted a heart locket–which I ended up getting from my grandma and losing later.  (Of course I did.  Just like all of those chap sticks that I’ve lost in the past and various other small items. :P)
For a couple years or so I wanted those little bobble head animal toys called ‘Littlest PetShops’.
Last year I wanted a video game called ‘The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess’.

But this year I didn’t really know what I wanted.  When I was younger I’d start planning for my B-day three months before hand.  But this year?  Well, I wasn’t even aware that my Birthday was this week until someone told me “Happy Birthday this week, Jackson!”

That’s when I realized that I’d been so caught up in this years’ NaNoWriMo that I hadn’t paid very good attention to the date! :O

I didn’t have a Birthday Wishlist, I did want a Video Camera but as mom says–“That’s very expensive”, we didn’t have a party/get together planned and I was still focused on NaNoWriMo more than my three-day-away Birthday.

It was a mixture of the excitement of my Birthday-soon-to-come and the bad cold that I had (plus the fact that I wasn’t used to going to sleep a 7:00) that kept me from sleeping well last night.  I eventually fell asleep, only to wake up later and discover that it was very late at night.

I tried very hard to get back to sleep; I lay on one eye and kept them both closed (didn’t work) then lay on the other eye and kept them both closed (didn’t work), tried various positions (once again, didn’t work).  Eventually I had to give up and try a new tactic.

Now, I’m not known for being well coordinated/quiet/stealthy.  But you don’t have to be very well coordinated to turn on your lamp, place your extra pillow in front of the crack under the door so that light (or at least most of the light) doesn’t shine into the hallway, and climb back into bed with a Harry Potter book.

I do not usually sneak around; I used to do it a lot when I was younger–but even though I’d been caught reading at like midnight before–the last time that I’d done this was like two years ago.

Why would I be reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at like one in the morning?!  Because it made my eyes tired and I fell asleep.  😛

This morning I wake up way earlier than I usually do and went downstairs, only to be sent back up by mom who said–“You’ll spoil everything!”  In other words, I’d ruin whatever surprise that was in store for me.

A few minutes later, they all come up to my room, singing happy birthday, with a doughnut that has a single lit candle sitting in the middle of it.  When their done singing I blew the candle and Everett hands me a folded up piece of paper.

Opening the paper; I see a picture of a horse on it and the words:

“Happy Birthday!  Let’s ride a horse.” 

I sat there in my chair, stuttering stuff like–“Am I really–horse?  I mean really–we aren’t really…?”

I was half-afraid that it was just words on a card–no meaning at all accept that I LOVE horses.

When my mom confirmed to me that I really was going to get to ride my most favorite animal in the whole world (yes, I am in love with horses), the next thing that I did is a little bit strange.

I got so happy that I cried.

That hasn’t ever happened to me before–not this badly anyways. XD

Top left: My youngest brother giving me a doughnut with a lit candle in the middle of it.
Top right: Two bracelets that I received from my grandma (the bracelets are from Kenya).
Bottom: Me crying and holding up my card for the camera after realizing that I REALLY was going to get to go horseback riding! 😀



6 responses to “My 12th Birthday!

    • I will! 🙂
      We got a phone call from the people at the stable that we can go riding on Sunday, because it looks like it’ll be sunny.
      My mom will be coming with me and we’ll be going right after church!

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