Funny Pictures

Hi guys!

I’ve been seeing these funny pictures on people’s pages and stuff on, so I’ve been saving them to put them into a post.  😉

When Im At A Restruant

When Im Running For Gym Class

When Im Watching A New Episode Of A Show

When Someone Interrupts Me While Im Talking

When Someone Is Online

When Someone Texts You Saying They See You

When Someone Upsets My Bestfriend

When The Teacher Starts Asigning Homework

When WEbsites Asking For Your Age

When You Find Free WiFi In Public

When You Find Out Theres A Back Page

When You Look Up A Songs Lyrics

When You Open A Pack Of Gum In Class

When You Throw Something At Your Friend

When You Try Some New Food

When You Try Staying Mad At Your Best Friend

When You Walk Into School

When Your Friend Has Food

when Your Friends Think Your Siblings Are Nice

When Your In The Car

When Your Parents Ask You To Act Like A Normal Person

When I Go To The Bathroom Dearing Commercials When I let Someone Use my computer When I try to excercise                      When Youre One Minute Into Sleep

Everyday When I Wake Up And Look In THe mIrror

Being The First One Awake At A Sleepover

When I Feel A Bug On Me

when I Am Home Alone And Someone Knocks On The Door

There are two types of greetings

That Random Moment

That Moment When--

Somehow I ended up with two of each picture–I think that I’ve deleted all the doubles.  But if you see two of the same picture anywhere throughout the post, can you please tell me?


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