The Dog In The Freezer

The Dog in the Freezer

The Dog in the Freezer is a set of three novellas (short novels) by Harry MazerHarry Mazer is also the author of many other books for young readers, although I think that ‘The Dog In The Freezer’ is the first book that I’ve read by him.

Naturally I checked it out from the library because it was about dogs, I usually read books about animals so I pretty much go to the same section every time.

This book, however, has three stories in it and a little-over-two-pages long song in the end.  (Just the lyrics, don’t worry the book doesn’t sing).  The stories are:

My Life As A Boy

Puppy Love

The Dog In The Freezer

(And the song at the end is called Giles Song and was written by Gina Mazer who I assume is the authors’ wife).

All of the stories were interesting to read, but I think that I liked the first story, My Life As A Boy the best. 🙂  So yeah, I recommend reading this book if you are a dog lover.  But I would also recommend this book for ages 10 and up.

Of course, you may want to know why I liked My Life As A Boy the best.  And the reason is–it was the only story where it was from the dog’s point of view.  At first I wasn’t going to tell you that because then you wouldn’t be surprised when it was from the dog’s point of view rather than the human’s.  But I should probably tell you why I liked and didn’t like each story…

So, there isn’t anything that I didn’t really like about My Life As A Boy.  But I didn’t like Puppy Love as much because I had hoped that it would be from a dog’ s point of view again and it wasn’t–also because the boy (who was the main character for this story) fancied a girl who was older than him and already had a boyfriend.  The part that I did like about Puppy Love was how his dog…  Oh but I really can’t tell you that part, It’d be such a spoiler. 😛

The Dog In The Freezer (the third story) was certainly very interesting and I think that it was the longest.  However, for this story I didn’t like it because of what happened to the dog but I did like it because it was…  Very interesting.

(I am currently reading another library book that I got called Nerd Camp and I will try to be done with it soon so that I can do a review on it next week). 😉



2 responses to “The Dog In The Freezer

  1. Hello Jack.

    My name is Brian Burton. I work for a bookstore for kids named One of the things they have me do there is spend time reading blogs and learning what books everyone is talking about.

    I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your review of “The Dog In The Freezer”. Now I’m going to have to pick up a copy of it and read it myself, because I want to know what happend to the dog.

    I thought this was a good review, and I’m always glad to hear kids reviewing books because that’s who they were written for. It seems more authentic when it’s a kid doing the review than when it’s someone older. Because I thought this was a good review where you gave your honest thoughts about “The Dog In The Freezer”, I wanted to give you a badge from It’s kind of like the NaNoWriMo badge you already have on your site. It’s a way to show people that someone from the book store thought you did a pretty good review.

    If you want to add the badge to your blog to show everyone we think you’re one sharp cookie, you can have your pa add the following html to the blog and it’ll pop it in for you. Of course, make sure it’s okay with him first so he can check if it’s a good idea. Here’s the html:

    Again, good job, and thank you for letting me know what you thought about “The Dog In The Freezer.”


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