Christmas Time

Alright!  Christmas is getting closer everyday–I can hardly believe that it’s almost here.

Christmas day that is, the celebrations started long ago.

In November we had a Kids Care Christmas party at our church in which I helped out in the nursery for part of the time, ate dinner, then headed upstairs to help in the preschool 1 room.  While I was helping out with the younger kids, my brothers were having fun by taking part in different Christmas-themed crafts.  I took part in a couple with the little kids too actually. 🙂

Last Sunday we had a Christmas party with a group of church friends over at one of their houses.

Then a couple days ago we watched the Polar Express and made hot chocolate from a mix that was sent to us in the mail.

And just last night, we drove around in the car, looking at Christmas lights.  There was one house with a whole bunch of lights and they were all blinking on and off to this one radio station of music!  You just had to turn your radio to the right station, and then you could see how different lights were blinking on and off in time to the music. 🙂  There was also a house where they had a wooden castle set up in their yard and a WHOLE lot of lights that you could walk around and look at, plus free popcorn and hot coco.

Yesterday I went shopping for clothes with my mom because I needed the right clothes (as in not jeans and a several differently-colored t-shirts) to wear to the…  Nutcracker!

Yup!  I’m going to see ‘The Nutcracker’ tomorrow with my dad.  We’re going drive part way, park our car and than ride a train the rest of the way there!  Once we’re there we’ll have an hour or two before it begins so we can eat dinner at a restaurant.

Hey wait…  I just thought of something right now while typing all this, but–if we’re leaving somewhere inside of 3:00pm and will get there by like 5:00pm, than that means all in all, it will take like three hours or two hours and a half to get there.  And the Nutcracker starts at 7:00pm, and lasts two hours, plus a break between the two hours…  So that’s like two hours and thirty minutes, so it’ll be done by like 9:30pm.  Than if it takes three hours to get back…  It’ll be like 11:30pm before we’re back!

So either I’ve just done some bad math or we’re going to be home really late.

Well, anyways.

Another very exciting thing that happened today instead of a couple days ago or yesterday or whenever…  Was that it snowed!!!  I mean, I went for a sleepover last week at a friends’ house for her birthday, and it snowed the morning after, but that was just light snow that hardly stuck to the ground.  (All the girls at the sleepover were still shrieking with excitement though).  This morning we woke up to a whole yard full of snow!  A.K.A, lots of snow angels, snowballs, snow-cones, (jackets, sweaters,  socks, hats,) snowball fights against siblings…

Speaking of snowball fights.  When we were outside in the snow this morning, one of my brothers threw/tried to throw a snowball at me.  I put on a silly-ish voice and said: ‘You wouldn’t dare…’  But suddenly one of my other brothers threw a snowball at me–and he met his mark.  I whirled on him and said (still in the silly voice) ‘He dared!’  They all thought that, that was pretty funny.

And hey, it was.

One more thing…  Here are some pictures of us celebrating Christmas. 😉


Our gingerbread house with decorations.











Our gingerbread house with a decorated yard.











Gingerbread cookies.


IMG_0001 (2)

Christmas presents sent by friends and family and followers of my mom’s blog.

IMG_0002 (2)



The house that had lights blinking in time with a Christmas radio station. However, you can’t really capture that part in a photo.


Standing around a fire, drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn.


My dad and two of my brothers with lights and an abominable snowman statue behind them.


A silly photo of us all standing (accept for dad, who was taking this photo) with ‘Santa Claus’.


Snow Days!

Let it snow, let snow, let it snow!



3 responses to “Christmas Time

    • OOPS!!! Something funny happened and my comment posted… heh heh…
      LUCKY!!! You guys have snow!!! >:-( (jealous face/mock anger face) Cool gingerbread house. Fancy. 🙂 I would’ve been hiding behind the tree when you guys met “Santa Claus”. 😉 I can’t wait for Christmas and my birthday (Christmas Eve)!

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