The Nutcracker

So, I told you in a previous post that my dad and me were going to see The Nutcracker.  And sure as horses are my favorite animal, we went. 🙂

We left early, drove our car to the train station and took a Sky Train (a train that has its tracks set up high in the air, like a big bridge) and finally got off at Granville Station.

From there we walked around in the city (don’t worry we didn’t go over all of the city.  This is the city of Vancouver that we are talking about, after all ;)) until we found the theater place where we were going to see The Nutcracker.

However it didn’t start for two hours still, so we went to a nearby Indian restaurant called ‘The India Gate’.

The food was really good, I got some stuff called Samosa and my dad got this spicy chicken stuff with sauce.  There was also this crunchy, thin, kind of bread that you could break off and dip into a sauce.  And there was garlic bread or something.  We also got two mango-smoothy-things for desert.  All in all, it was a good meal.  (The next morning, however, I got sick because I’m not used to all the Indian spices or something).

So then we walked back to the theater and went in, showed them our tickets, waited until the doors that let you into the big room where we’d be watching the ballet opened, found our seats and waited for it to begin.

It was really nice/fun, there were a lot of children dancers and a lot of other cool dances.

But honestly…  I can’t really explain it to you!

However, I have some pictures of my outfit that I wore to The Nutcracker.  Plus some pictures that I found online of the production that we went to. 😉



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