Out Of My Mind

The front cover to Out Of My Mind

‘Out Of My Mind’ is a book written by Sharon M. Draper.  It is an amazing book about a young girl who suffers from cerebral palsy, a disease that limits her control over her body–but not her mind.

Melody has always been very smart, she’s a girl with a photographic memory.  She loves music, it creates tastes, colors and images for her that can be soothing.  And she loves words.  Words are beautiful things that flow around her, that can sound kind, or sad, angry or curious, all depending on which words they are, and the tone that they are used in.  They can be put into music and sung to a tune–all in all, Melody loves words.

Melody is 11 years old, and has never once said a single word.

All of her thoughts crowd her mind, all the conversations that she wishes she could have with other people, all the interesting facts that she’ s learned or things that she’s overheard when people think that she’s too dumb to hear them.  It’s so frustrating for her, the fact that she can’t talk to other people.  That other people think she is like everyone else who has a disability–not all there.

But Melody is all there.  She’s one of the smartest kids in her school–in the her whole state for that matter!

When Melody finds away to finally communicate with others, is the world really ready to hear her voice?

To find out–why not read ‘Out Of My Mind’?

What I Liked About This Book:  It is beautifully spun and amazing to read from the point of view of Melody, the genius girl who has cerebral palsy.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book:  The way Melody is treated–like how people think that she’s too stupid to hear when they talk about her right in front of her.


Check in next Friday to hear about ‘Yellowfang’s Secret’ a Warriors: Super Edition written by Erin Hunter!


4 responses to “Out Of My Mind

    • Yes I know.
      I work with a little girl who has down syndrome at our church. She is cute and nice, but she seems (as all people with down syndrome do, I think) a bit distant.
      She loves to sing and dance to the music along with the other kids, but her favorite word is NO. I don’t think she’ll say ‘yes’ to anything until like the end of class.
      But I love working with her when she comes. 🙂

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