Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!!!

Happy (six days late) New Year!

So…  For starters, a nice way that I like to start a New Year is to hang up a new calendar on my bedroom wall on January first.  My mom got me a horse calender for Christmas, so that has been taken care of. 🙂


For New Years’ Eve, we went to a friends house.  They have two kids who are both boys and are both younger than me, but are fun to play with.  We usually end up playing Transformers–three people will be Autobots and three people will be Decepticons.

Anyways, we ended up eating a lot of food even though we’d eaten dinner before we came.  But who can turn down chips with salsa, and free chocolate?  I find it hard to.

We watched a movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3, which is kind of silly because none of us had seen the first one.  It was an okay movie though.

By 2:00am something, I had started to fall asleep on their couch.  I didn’t realize how far into sleep I was though, until somebody walked in and asked us to be quiet.  Startled by the person’s sudden appearance, I jumped and yelled, then started laughing really loudly when I realized it was just the lady sleeping in the room next door.

It got pretty boring when their two boys had to go to bed and we were still there.  But we finally left at 3:00am.

I went to bed immediately, as you can imagine.

I later woke up at 1:00pm.  :O



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