Transformers Anime


As of yesterday, I’ve been practicing drawing Anime.

Remember those fictional robots that I made a post about before–the Transformers?

Well, I do still really like the Transformers.  And if you remember, I said that my favorite show is called ‘Transformers Animated’.  So…  I’ve started practicing drawing a character called Bumblebee from that show!

Here’s what he looks like in the show. 


Now here is a picture of a coloring sheet that I printed out of him…  Bee Cropped

But last night, I traced the coloring sheet of him.  So I ended up drawing this picture–>

Bee Traced Cropped

I was pretty proud of this, even though it was traced.  Plus, because I had traced it, I now understood Bumblebee’s anatomy better.  So I decided to draw a picture of him without tracing…


I thought that it was okay.  So today I gave it another go and came up with this. 🙂

Bumblebee Guilty Cropped

(For in case my hand writing is too messy for others to read) It says: “Just walk away and blame it on Bulkhead.”
Bulkhead is a character who is big and clumsy and often ends up smashing things in one way or another.



6 responses to “Transformers Anime

      • I can SKETCH… horribly. I can cartoon… terribly. I can color, write, read, and speak in public gatherings. I can’t paint (Oh I can take a brush, dip it in paint, etc… but I can’t paint well), play my trumpet in front of a crowd, or stand on my head or hands. I can’t do sports (except martial arts), or can’t do much with my right hand (and I’m a righty) because I hurt it, possibly fractured my Mom says…

  1. 😀 Awesome!!

    lets see if i can name out of most of the characters

    Bulkhead,Bumblebee (my brother is a big fan of him), RC (lol), Racet o.o (i cant spell right), Prime, Wheel jack, Starscream, Megatron, Aricnid, Soundwave, and Deadwing (i think thats his name…. XD)

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