Yellowfang’s Secret

The front cover of Yellowfang’s Secret.

‘Yellowfangs’ Secret’ is a Warriors Super Edition written by Erin Hunter, like Crookedstar’s Promise (another Warriors Super Edition that I have done a review on) is.

It follows the life of a cat named Yellowfang, who dreams of nothing but being a great Warrior.  Yellowfang sometimes has mysterious pains that she doesn’t really understand, but she won’t let that get in the way of her being a Warrior.  She goes on with the usual duties of any clan Warrior; hunting for her clan, defending her clan, maybe even one day having kits with a certain someone?

But as Yellowfang grows older, the world around her begins to change and crumble.

ShadowClan has a new leader, and he rules them with an iron paw.  He is quick to punish and when he does–look out!  This new leader who has risen to power, who inflicts pain on others without a second thought–who isn’t even phased when his clanmates die is only here because of Yellowfang.  Isn’t he?

The reasons that I like this book:  You get see ShadowClan from Yellowfang’s eyes, and when it’s from her perspective, ShadowClan doesn’t seem half as bad as it does to the other cats sometimes.  So it’s an inside view of the ‘badguys’ clan’.

Why I didn’t like this book:  It gets to be pretty sad.  But that’s kind of the point, I think.

I suggest this book for 10 and up at least–it kind of depends on how mature you are.  There are some descriptions of a lot of blood at some parts and there are a couple or so birth scenes, but those are my only reasons.  Otherwise–I loved this book!!!


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