So, right now I’m babysitting all three of my younger brothers.  (Just make them each a sandwich and set them up with a video game that they like and they’ll be a lot less bothersome).  And I’m writing this post.

You might think that writing a blog post while babysitting my three younger brothers is very…  not responsible?  But I’m not wearing the headphones, so I can hear them if they need my help or are fighting over ‘who keeps winning at the video game’.

Plus, noise travels really well in this house and if they want to be heard then they will make themselves be heard–quite loudly.

We’ve done some pretty fun things in the last couple weeks or so.  Mostly it involves birds–we went to a bird sanctuary and got to see bald eagles, chickadees, red-winged blackbirds, a few different species of ducks (most were Mallards but some were pin-tails and some other kind of duck…) along with other water birds.  Also coots, I think.

We got to feed the ducks from our hands!  They loved the birdseed that we brought with us, and there were HUNDREDS of ducks there so when they all started crowding around you they had to climb over each other to get at the food!

That was pretty funny, and they sure did quack a lot when they got into a feeding-frenzy.

There was a big pond or lake that was frozen, and the ducks kept following us down the trail.  So when we walked alongside the frozen water, they would fly and land on the ice, causing them to slide on their behinds when they landed.  (Although sometimes in thinner areas they would break through and have to climb back up onto stronger ice).  My dad thinks that if we had a video of the ducks landing on the ice, we could send it to ‘America’s Funniest Videos’.

After awhile, we got a nice surprise!  Up ahead on the trail, we could see three or four Sand-hill Cranes!  They used to be endangered for whatever reason (probably hunting and, or, loss of habitat) but apparently aren’t anymore.


Feeding the Sand-hill Cranes.  They seemed to like the peanuts in particular.


One of the cranes eating out of my mom’s hand.


More of a crane eating out of my mom’s hand.




More of us feeding ducks. 😉


Pretty View.

We also saw a cute little owl called a Saw-whet owl.  They are only like 5 or 6 inches tall I think, and they are so small that they have to divide one whole mouse into pieces and it will last them two meals!  So small in fact, that a Saw-whet owl was found dead because it tried to swallow a mouse whole and choked on it.

That’s all for now, until my next post–see ya!


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