Dear people-reading-this,

(Wow, that sounds so formal).  I figured that I should update you on what’s been going on.

Truthfully, not much has been going on.  Not many exciting things anyways.  However, the skies have cleared up in the last few days and I’ve been able to go outside and ‘shoot hoops’ with our neighbor’s basketball goal.  I don’t actually know our neighbor’s.  But I know that their fine with us using their goal.

I do know their cat…

Yes, so, although I don’t know any kids in my neighborhood, I have learned our neighbor cat’s name and have pet him a couple times.  His name is Tigger, but I kind of like to call him Dustpelt because he’s a brown, tabby, tom-cat like Dustpelt is in the Warriors books.  😛

Here is a picture of Tigger.

Here is a picture of Tigger.

Also Tigger.


I had to babysit my brothers for about an hour this noon while my parents were at a church-meeting for I’m-not-sure-why.  Luckily my brothers didn’t damage anything in them, on them, or around them while I was in charge–so everything went well.

Oh yes!  And my mom and me also went to the library today!  I got a few books–‘Hunter’, ‘Horse & Pony Stories’, ‘How I Got A Life And A Dog’, and ‘Guardians Of Ga’hoole: The Shattering’!I’m trying not to read them right now though, because I need to finish a book called ‘Deep Down Popular’ so that I can do a book review on it tomorrow.

It’s a book for preteen and teenage girls (just so you know), so check back tomorrow if your a girl around that age to read my book review on it.

Oh yes…  We also got a very light snow the other day.  It was just enough to stick to the ground and make you wish for more.  We do get frost in the mornings though, if that counts.

Until tomorrow…  See ya!




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