Deep Down Popular

‘Deep Down Popular’ is a novel written by Phoebe Stone.  It’s a story about a 6th-grade-girl named Jessie Lou Ferguson.  Jessie Lou is scrawny, isn’t afraid to get down in the mud, has a desk at the very back of her classroom and has been in love with the same boy since the 2nd grade.  She’s definitely not very popular at her school.

The boy she loves is named Conrad Parker Smith, he plays soccer and has been one of the most popular kids in the school since the 5th grade.  But kids at her school change like the big Cabanash river that Jessie Lou knows so well.  Kids that once were treated like gold can end up wandering at the back of the line.  Payed about as much attention to as a tiny bronze trophy–in other words, ignored.

This is exactly what happens to Conrad when he has to get a leg brace because of a bad limp that almost comes out of nowhere.  He can’t play soccer anymore, and now he’s stuck with a big metal brace on one leg.  Nobody pays attention to Conrad Parker Smith anymore.  Nobody gives him a decent thought.  Nobody but Jessie Lou, who doesn’t care whether he’s popular or not–she still loves him.

But does Conrad love her too?

‘Deep Down Popular’ is funny, nice, and a book that probably only middle school girls (and up) would like.  So if you’re a boy, this review probably wasn’t very interesting.  If you’re a serious tomboy, this review might not have been interesting for you either.  But if you’re a girly-girl or aren’t girly but still like books like this–I suggest reading ‘Deep Down Popular’.  You’ll probably like it. 😉


2 responses to “Deep Down Popular

    • Yes, that’s what I thought when I saw the cover. 🙂
      I’m not sure what I’ll be reviewing next week. I just got four new library books yesterday so I may have myself set for the next four weeks. 😀

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