Emily Flameheart… Apologies?

Do any of you remember that book that I started writing last spring, or the spring before that?  It was called Emily Flameheart and was about a wizard girl who is invited to a wizard school that is up in the clouds–and she has the silly pet dragon, Flare?

Well…  You may have read my post that I made last spring about how I was going to start writing Emily Flameheart again and pick up where I’d left off.  But…

You see, I’m trying to keep up with my two blogs more, and now I have a tumblr and a Facebook and I’m also re-writing my NaNoWriMo book from last year.  Plus I’ve been writing a fan-fiction for Transformers that my friend (and fellow Transformers fan) has really enjoyed reading.

So what I’m trying to say is, I’m just not into Emily Flameheart anymore.  It’s not fun for me to write anymore.  Like–writer’s block along side ‘writer’s-lost-interest’.

So I’m not going to be writing Emily Flameheart anymore, even though I said that I would.  I’m busy with other stories and trying to write more than one book at once is very hard for me to do.

But I have an idea.  For those of you who have read all of my Emily Flameheart chapters, why not try to finish Emily Flameheart yourself?  More than one person can try to write the ending of it, to make it better or funnier or however you like it.  I don’t mind seeing how ways people can come up with to make Emily Flameheart end.

Thank you for reading,

your slightly-embarrassed-blogger, -Jack.

(Oh yes, if you haven’t read the Emily Flameheart chapters in awhile or just haven’t read them…  You can look them up on the internet or I can send you a copy of the word document).


7 responses to “Emily Flameheart… Apologies?

  1. jack will you check on the animal jam party glitch page please i like to leave posts there for you right now you have 108 comments so please reply

    • Yes I keep getting e-mails about people commenting on that post.
      That post was made a long time ago and I didn’t expect it to have so many views–I believe that I should never have posted it, honestly. Now everybody is figuring out the glitch and it’s messing up AnimalJam.

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