How I Got A Life And A Dog

‘How I Got A Life And A Dog’ is a novel written by Art Corriveaw.

Nicky Flynn is from Littleton, a nice town where he had a big house and good friends.  Also a good school.  So moving from fancy Littleton to a dumpy apartment in Charlestown is a huge change.  He doesn’t even have his own bedroom anymore–his mom gets the bedroom, he gets the couch.

Ever since his parents broke up, everything’s been upside down.  He’s going to school where all the kids are under his level and are still studying things that he learned last year back at his old school.  So when his mom comes home from “shopping” one day with an eighty-pound German shepherd–Nicky isn’t happy.

A dog?  Seriously?  Sure he’s wanted a dog before…  But why now?  When they’re living in a tiny one-bedroom apartment, why would his mom adopt an ex-seeing-eye dog?

As Nicky does his best to uncover the truth about Reggie’s (his new dog) past and why he is no longer a guide-dog, it seems like he just keeps getting in tighter and tighter situations then before.

What did happen to Reggie?


The reasons that I liked this book:  It was fun, well-written, and chock-full of stuff a dog-lover might like.  I also rather liked the cover design.

The reasons that I did not like this book:  I can’t think of any.


I would suggest this book to any dog-lover or just anyone who likes stories about kids who end up getting eighty-pound German shepherds.



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