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AnimalJam Party Glitch: Answers To Questions

Many people have commented on my post ‘AnimalJam Party Glitch!‘ asking questions about the glitch.

‘AnimalJam Party Glitch!’ was my most popular post of last year–having 115 comments (at the current moment).  I keep getting e-mails saying that I have new comments on there, and a lot of the comments are questions–questions that I will try to answer in this post.

So…  First of all, people keep saying that the glitch is messing up and that they are seeing land animals in the ocean worlds and ocean animals in the land worlds.  Also sometimes they see multiples of themselves when they do the glitch (which is a side effect), or the glitch will be working for a second or two before they appear back in the ocean worlds.  Perhaps even more things happen–but I do have a hypothesis as to why this is happening.

I think that because so many people are doing the glitch, it’s starting to mess up AnimalJam.  Think about it–a ‘glitch’ is already a ‘problem’ so if a bunch of people keep messing with it then it gets bigger and more of a problem.  Take a pair of jeans for example: if you have a tear in the jeans and you keep putting your finger in it and pulling a little, then the tear gets bigger.  Then the tear has to be sewn up.

However, if I am correct, I think that too many people are doing the glitch for AnimalJam to ‘sew it back up’ properly.  Just like a tear in your jeans can be reopened from pulling at it.

Sooo.  If this is true, than everybody needs to be doing the glitch much less often or just not at all.  For instance, maybe only do the glitch once a week, if you really want to do it that bad.

In the mean time, why not just play some of the games that AnimalJam has to offer instead of messing them up?

Lastly, I have something that I would like to be made clear.  Can you please quit asking me to add you as a friend on AJ?  My friend list will get full very quickly and if one of my real-life friend’s (or at least people that I am a bit more acquainted with) has an AJ account and wants to be my friend, I won’t have room for them.

Please take my advice,

your fellow Jammer,



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21 thoughts on “AnimalJam Party Glitch: Answers To Questions

    1. umm Ya but i think they all like it even me!!!!! Omg and stop it with the cuckoo thing If you want a membership for free i will aways feel like to give it to you Btw im a member and im not giving away my account cuz somone might scan my fox Hat so Bye jammers and have a fun day!!!!- Sarah

  1. how do you break the ice in mt shiver and thx in advance for telling me XD lol brb bff ttyl ttylxox

    1. You can’t break the ice in Mt. Shiveer. It’s just a rumor, sorry. :/ If a bunch of Jammers jump on it, it will crack into pieces, but it will never fully break.

  2. i didn’t do the glitch thing but i went to the “atlas” party and i was a fox i wish i could upload a pic 🙂

  3. I know its just a stupid old worn but im 8 guys so dont be mean about it cuz im not a scammer Trust me at times my life has been like kinda wired but I will defintly use this glitch if i know how to 🙂 – Sarah

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