(Hunter is the sequel to a book called ‘Catboy’ which is also by Eric Walters. It is the same story as Catboy was, only it is from the cat’s point of view instead of the human’s. 😉 )











Hunter is just like all the other cats that live in the junkyard–but more.  For one thing, he’s the only cat in the whole colony who can hunt.  He’s also the only other cat besides King (true to his name, the king of the colony) that the other cats look up too.

But King is a big bully, he steals food from the other cats and puts some serious hurt on anyone who tries to stand up to him.

While Hunter is a careful cat who is wise and understanding–at least a lot more than King is.

So there’s King and Hunter, the two cats who are competing for his place as the top of the colony.

And then there are the humans.  Humans are feared and despised–they ride in cars that can kill any animal.  They kill and destroy for no reason, not even for food, just for fun!

So when humans start to visit the cats at the junkyard, Hunter is suspicious and slinks around at the edges while the other cats eat the food that the humans bring.

But with the humans is always the one same human.  His name is Taylor and he seems to have control over the other humans…

Hunter is desperate to protect his mate and their four kittens, even with the humans and other dangers around.

But to do this he might have to put his trust in a human…  But can he trust that human?


What I Liked About This Book:  I thought that Hunter was a good book, and it was interesting to be reading from Hunter’s point of view instead of Taylor’s this time.  I also think that Hunter makes a good main character.  (And I liked the cover design).

What I Didn’t Like About This Book:  Hm…  Well, as sometimes happens to me, I can’t seem to find anything that I did not necessarily like about this book.



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