Lynx, the Chupacabra, and Cookies

Note the interesting title, (I think).  😛

Last Friday we went to somebodies house for dinner, and I brought some chocolate chip cookies along that I had baked earlier in the day.  Everybody seemed to think that they were good (well, the recipe was called ‘The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies’) which made me pretty happy.  I also made peanut butter cookies for the first time, but I didn’t bring them because they were really big and… well, they still tasted good but they looked a little odd.

Some while ago we ordered ‘The Fiddler On The Roof’ from and we got it in the mail last–Friday or Saturday, I don’t remember.  We’ve only actually watched the first, like, half of that movie since it’s apparently pretty long and it got to be bedtime for my brothers before we could finish it.  So we’ve still got to finish that movie.

On that same day that we got The Fiddler On The Roof in the mail, we got a big box of Valentine’s Day goodies from my grandma.  Most of the candy is already gone, honestly.  (For those who don’t know, mini chocolatey things and candy hearts or good).

So, ah, there are a few more things.  I just recently (like yesterday, or the day before) joined DeviantART, since I like to draw and write and have been practicing on my drawing more lately.  And there’s a program on DeviantART called DeviantART: Moru (or something like that) where you can draw pictures with different brushes and stuff on the computer.  It’s extremely better than the Paint program that our laptop has.  Here’s the link to my DeviantART.

Yesterday I watched a forty-six minute long video about the Chupacabra, which was interesting.  This was a different thing about it than from what I have seen before.  I don’t believe that it’s an alien, but I think that the idea of it being some kind of dog that we just don’t know about yet could be possible.  I also think that it’s very interesting folklore.

And finally today, less than an hour ago, I watched another forty-six minute long video.  But this one was about this kind of lynx that lives in Spain.  Apparently there is only like a hundred of them left right now.  This video was also interesting.

I have to get off now, I think that my mom wants to get on, so… I’ll post again later!



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