A Past Dinner and a Future Dinner

Remember in my last post how I said that a couple from our church whom we’re friends with are coming over for dinner?  Well they did, and we had a good time.  My mom made pancakes–some had mini chocolate chips in them, some were plain, and some even had kiwi in them!

Uh, this kind of kiwi: 

Not this kind:

Anyways, the food was good (we also had bacon :)), and apparently the bird kind of Kiwi is from New Zealand, while the Kiwifruit is from southern China.  I think.

As for a ‘Future Dinner’, we’re going to our friend’s house tomorrow night for dinner.  I don’t know what we’re having, but we’ve had dinner with them more than once before–and it’ll probably be good. 🙂  And my mom might bake brownies to bring.

(By the way, I like how Kiwifruit tastes and how the Kiwi bird is cute.  Not the other way around.)


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