An Untitled Title Because Titling Titles Is Hard When You’ve Got Like Five Things To Title A Title

Yes, I had fun titling the title above. So, quite a few things have happened since my last post–but I just never posted them.  So now I’ve got over three things to say and I don’t want to title my title something titling-y titalic–oh for crying out loud.  Just forget the title.

Anyways, I’ve made Chocolate Chip cookies at least two more times since my last post.  And a batch of Peanut Butter cookies.  Peanut Butter cookies are my Papa Griffin’s (that is what we call my mom’s dad) favorite kind of cookie.  I’ll have to make them for him when we move back to Georgia after the summer. 😀  I think that he’ll like that. But I’m going to stop writing for now, as I am having a hard time recollecting what has happened since my last post.  And that is because I am tired–and it probably has something to do with the classical music that I’m listening to and the amount of time that I’ve spent in front of a computer screen today…  Therefore, it is naptime.


I’m back! Truthfully, I never did take a nap–I drew a picture instead, and that made me very happy, because it turned out pretty good.  My dad said that it looked ‘improved’, which is kind of weird–I haven’t read the instructions on how to draw better in that book that my parents got me a few days ago…  which I should really do.


This is a picture of Starscream from Transformers Prime. (This is not my picture).

Starscream Horse

Now this is the Starscream “pony” picture that I drew.

I actually really like how his eyes turned out.  Once I had the eyes done and colored in, I’d stop drawing every few minutes to let out a long ‘Awww!’ at his puppy dog eyes.  Also, my Transformers fan-fiction that I’ve been writing has finally started to get more attention.  I have mostly been self driven to finish it I suppose.  But I have a friend who has been hanging on my every word as the story progresses, and knowing that there is someone who appreciates my writing has made me very happy.

Last night we went to someone’s house for our church’s Small Group, like we do every other Sunday night.  It was really fun.  Apparently it was somebody’s Birthday, so there was a lot of desert there.  I really like their little dog, Chet, and I think that he likes me too.  I sit on the couch and pet him and let him lick my hands and stuff.  He’s really soft and nice. 🙂  And we also went into their backyard (which is huge and even has a little wooded area at one part of it) and played Hide-And-Go-Seek-Tag!

I was It first, because they all did that ‘Not it!’ thing and I didn’t really know that they were doing it… so I counted to forty and then hid behind part of their house where I knew someone would walk by.  I ended up jumping out, tagging, and scaring the crap out of one of my friends.  But then she told everybody that I hadn’t tagged her, and so I ended up being It again at some point in the game.  (This has happened to me several times before…)

Now, let me be a geek for a second and tell you about two fictional characters.  One is from the show ‘My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic’, and another is from the show ‘Transformers Prime’.  I need you to listen (or read) carefully to understand what I’m saying right now.

This is Derpy. She is a clumsy Pegasus mare who bumps into things–usually resulting in them accidentally being broken–and she also has crazy eyes that are rather chameleon-like. (She is known for also having a very bubbly… brain).


Now this is Soundwave. He is very quiet and is best known as a computer-hacker and a stalker. He has no face, he is clever and brilliant at keeping himself well hidden. In that way, he is scary–as you never know whether he’s spying on you or not.

Now imagine if those two characters were to combine together.

Derpy = clumsy

Soundwave = stealthy/scary

Derpy + Soundwave = clumsy-person-who-is-trying-to-be-stealthy-and-somehow-is-also-scary.

Clumsy-person-who-is-trying-to-be-stealthy-and-somehow-is-also-scary = me when I was playing Hide-And-Go-Seek-Tag.

Do you have the picture?  Yes?  No?  Either way–proceed!

I hid behind that same corner of the house that I used to jump out and scare my friend with.  And I start to hear whispers from where they are hiding.  I am not a fast runner, so when I am It, I try sneak up on the other people until I know that I can run up and tag them–usually from behind, or in some kind of way where I have the element of surprise on my side.

So there I am, hiding, waiting for someone to walk by while they hide behind some bush and make up different signals for each other, when one kid walks around from the other side of the house.  I saw him before he saw me, and I couldn’t help but to smile as I stood there, since I was already trying not to laugh.  But I must have looked pretty scary out there in the dark, hiding behind the house and smiling like a lunatic.  Because when he saw me, he freaked out and ran away yelling cock-a-doodle-doo.  (Which apparently was their signal for “I saw her!”).

Soon after I hear him telling the others where they’re hiding about how I gave him this scary smile.

All in all, I found that to be a very fun game. 😀

(Edit: Oh by the way!  This is my one hundred and fifty-fifth post on thegirlnamedjack!)


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