Siblings And Video Games

Life in the Bowman household goes on.

My brothers play, fight, wrestle, and…  frolic?  There is the usual bickering over video games…  Here is a list of ways that a video game can make siblings argue.

1.  Who gets the 1st player remote?

2.  Who gets to pick the stage/level?

3.  I want to play this game–but you want to play a different one.

4.  The Legend Of Zelda sometimes gets more votes than Super Smash Bros.  Which can make whoever wants to play Super Smash Bros. unhappy.  Or vise versa.

Reasons That Video Games Are Still Enjoyable, Despite What They Sometimes Cause

1.  They’re fun.

2.  They can be cool, and give you ideas that you can put in your books and blog posts and stuff.

3.  You can learn things from them.  Like how to use a map, the basics to a compass, and how you should spend your money.  (Example:  Crap…  I really want that suit of armor, but it costs two hundred rupees.  I guess that I’ll just buy some more lantern oil–’cause it’s cheap and I need it for the place that I’m going.  In the meantime, I’ll save up my money.  By the time that I’m done with this dungeon, I might have enough money to buy that suit of armor…)

4.  Your siblings may actually enjoy watching you play your video game, which can make more than one person happy.

5.  On The Legend Of Zelda, you can pick up chickens and jump off of buildings, and the chicken will fly through the air with you holding on to them for a short distance.  Also, in the The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, you can talk to squirrels when you’re a wolf.  (Your friends will all be jealous.)

So yeah, I’ve been playing The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and my brothers have been playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl.  Both games are fun, and both have action/adventure.  🙂

We used to own Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but it broke.  So last year, one of my brothers got it for Christmas.  But it wouldn’t work, and we had assumed that it was made wrong in the factory that it came from.  Just recently (about a couple months after we got that new game) our Wii broke, and a friend of ours was very kind and sent us a new one.  😀  And as turned out, it was our old Wii that was not playing the disk!  So now we can play that game.

The only bad thing about getting a new Wii, is that it has a blank memory card, and you have to start over on all of your games.  But that’s okay.

In a way, I suppose that this could be counted as a game in itself. TLOZ V.S. SSB.B


4 responses to “Siblings And Video Games

  1. I have that sort of problem with my friends too! We can’t decide on what to play and sometimes get a bit worked up but in the end one person will win! It would be epic to have a combo of all your fav games together!

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