My family has recently bought the game ‘Minecraft’.  It’s an awesome pixelated game for the computer.  Okay, so, it’s a really pixelated game.  But it’s also really fun.


In Minecraft the basic goal is to survive.  When your player is hungry, you have to get food from animals or plants that you find in the world.  When the energy that you get from your food is depleted, then your player starts to lose hearts (life).  So it’s always a good idea to keep a few slices of bacon, beef or apples in your Inventory.  (Just for the record, you get a lot more energy from just one piece of meat if it’s been cooked.  Oh yeah–and you can get food poisoning from Rotten Flesh, so I wouldn’t eat that stuff unless you are all out of food and you are dying.)


Shelter is very important in Minecraft.  At night, Mobs (the Minecraft word for ‘bad guys’) will spawn and come after you if they see/sense you.  One of the most common Mobs is this:


Creeper’s will blow up if they know that you’re near, and their explosion will blow up any materials that are near them.  (However, it also kills them…)  It can hurt your player, and damage your house.  This is why you need to build your house out of a much stronger material (preferably cobblestone) rather than a much weaker material, such as wood, or sand.  However, even with stone, you need more than one wall around your house to really keep Creeper’s from blasting it away.  So it’s best if you build your house at least three or four walls thick.  You can also build your house up in the air by building it on stilts and then removing the stilts–it will then simply stay floating in the air.


True to its name, there is a lot of mining that you have to do in Minecraft.  You have to mine down into the ground (or into the side of a hill or mountain) with a Pickax to find the right materials to build your house.  Cobblestone, sand, dirt, Iron Ore, coal, gold, Redstone, and so on can be found in the ground.  Not all of this is used for building a house.  Some of it can be used for building stuff like maps and compasses so that you know which direction you’re facing and where you are in your world.

The different Minecraft pickaxes from the weakest to the strongest kind.
Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, and Diamond.

To learn more about Minecraft, how to play it, and where you can get the demo–just click here!



6 responses to “Minecraft

      • Yup! 😀 i play on a sever for just unschooling kids and i play on my uncles sever.
        But sometimes i just play a 1 player wolrd :p lol.

        Wait did your mom and dad like buy the member ship or did you just sing up?/ ^.-
        cause if your mom bought the member ship i could see if my uncle or jenny, the unchooler server maker could whitelist you so you can get on the server 😀 but ill have to look up the IP address for them both.. 😛

      • cool! ;D you should have your mom email my mom for my email so i can email you server address 😛

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