Warriors: Into The Wild

(Before I begin, I want to say that I’m sorry about not having posted anything for a month, and then when I finally did; I was reviewing a video game, instead of a book.  I will be trying to pick back up on my blogging–so be expecting weekly book reviews again!  :D)

‘Warriors’ is a popular book series that I have talked about before, on more than one (or two, or three, or four) occasion(s).  I have already done a book review on ‘Crookedstar’s Promise’, and ‘Yellowfang’s Secret’.  But as it turns out, I do not seem to have ever done a book review on a book that is actually in the main series arc.  And so now, I am–and I’ll be starting at the first book so that it makes more since.  😉

‘Into The Wild’ is the first book in the whole of the Warriors series.  It goes like this: Rusty is a Kittypet (the Warriors word for a housecat) who lives with his Twolegs (humans) in their house beside a great forest.  His life is much like any other Kittypet’s life would be expected to be like.  He gets daily meals of dry pellets and sharp-tasting water, and he explores his garden and the neighboring gardens with his friend, Smudge.  He has a warm place to sleep, and no real worries.

But the young tom-cat is disturbed by the dreams that often visit him.  Actually; the best way to put it, is to say that he is increasingly interested in them.  Especially when his dreams always end at the same place…

So it is that one night, after awaking from another one of his dreams, his curiosity gets the better of him.  Rusty slips outside, and enters the forest beyond his fenced-in yard.

It takes a mere few pawsteps into the forest, before his dreams become true–and very real.

It is this event that leads to an important decision for Rusty.

But can Rusty survive in this new, harsh, world–or will curiosity kill the cat?

(Next Friday, I will be doing a review on a book called ‘Star In The Storm’.)



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