Star in the Storm

Star in the Storm‘ is a book written by Joan Hiatt Harlow.  Here is how it goes:

A young girl named Maggie has a lot of things going on in her life.  Her cousin, Vera, falls ill with a fever so quickly, that nobody expects it.  There is a huge ice-berg blocking the way into Bonnie Bay, which causes problems for more than one boat.  And atop all of that, a new law is passed that says that the only dogs aloud in Bonnie Bay are sheepdogs and other herding dogs.

Maggie has a dog too–his name is Sirius–but he doesn’t herd.  But no matter how desperate she is to protect her beautiful dog from the new law, there is a tragedy in Bonnie Bay.  And only Sirius can fix it.

What will Maggie chose?  Her dog–or saving a hundred human lives?

What I liked about this book: It was very fun to read and learn about Newfoundland culture.  The story was good, and the description was good too.  I think that nine-years-old and up could read this book, but it really just depends on your reading level, not your age.  😉

What I didn’t like about this book: Hm…  Well, I suppose that if there was a version of this that was written for more older readers, I would like that.  But even though it isn’t exactly in my level, there were still some words that I didn’t know.  I may even re-read it and find those words again.  🙂

Tune in next Friday to here about ‘Kävik the Wolf Dog’.



3 responses to “Star in the Storm

  1. This is exactly the kind of stuff I loved to read as a kid. I may still pick this one up. 🙂 I read Harlow’s “Midnight Rider” a few years ago. Excellent Revolutionary War book for kids.

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