I’m Sexy And I Know It? And My Mom Has A Clone

I’ve had a few more wacky dreams since my last post about a weird dream that I had.

But I felt like posting about the most recent dream that I’ve had.  🙂

My Newest Weird Dream (or at least what I am still able to remember of it.)


I remember that I was walking in a store, just me and no one else.  Well actually–there were plenty of other shoppers there, but my parents and brothers weren’t there.  So for some reason I’m shopping all alone, and then suddenly–‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ comes on overhead.

Now for those of you who don’t know, ‘I’m Sexy And I Know It’ is a song about this guy who keeps singing about how girls are looking at his body and how ‘he’s sexy and he knows it’.  All in all, the song sums up in my brain to be very ridiculous, despite it’s catchy tune.

Realizing that this ridiculous song is playing overhead, the other shoppers begin to line up to the sides of the store and laugh.  At this exact moment I am walking out of the door, probably with a shopping cart or a shopping bag, when I have the sudden urge to start dancing.  And so I do.  I start dancing in the store on my way out the door, and it was probably really fun/funny for me in my dream–but I don’t really remember that part.

 Once I am out of the store, I see a lady hanging out of a car window in the parking lot, and from the back of her head I think that it’s my mother.  So I walk up to her and begin to talk, but then she turns her head.  She turned out to be a women with dark shades and dark-red hair who was leaning out of some fancy kind of car while her and my mom chatted from their car windows.

And what happened next?  Well, I don’t really remember.



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