I’m So Excited!

But seriously, I am!  😀

My parents surprised me by getting me a Bamboo Tablet (so that I can now draw digital art and possibly even animate) and a few days later, I was surprised again with a new video camera!  :O

I’ve been posting a lot of my art on my DeviantART, but I’ll go ahead and post some of it here…

My First Attempt At Using Autodesk SketchBook

This was my first attempt at drawing with my Tablet.


Later, when I was more acquainted with how to use my Tablet, I drew this. (It’s supposed to be Tigerclaw).

Cat Paws

This is what happened when I was practicing drawing cats’ paws.


Doodles of different facial expressions. XD

Cat Paw

And then we’ll just skip ahead to what I drew yesterday, which was more practice on cat paws.

So, I always seem to want to draw cats, dogs, horses, and Transformers…  Speaking of which, I took a drawing tutorial on how to draw Optimus Prime the other day, and I ended up with this:

Optimus Prime Drawing

And as for my new video camera:

Also, thank you all who told me about animating programs before.



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