Kävik the Wolf Dog

Kävik the Wolf DogKavik the Wolf Dog‘, is a book written by Walt Morey, and illustrated by Peter Parnall.  It was written in 1968 and has around one-hundred and ninety-two pages.

A brief review of the story might be something like this:

Charlie One-Eye (as he is called) is a dog breeder/trainer of sorts.  Kävik, is a vicious (but as Charlie One-Eye soon finds out, quick learning) pup who comes into the world on Charlie’s farm.  This is when Charlie finally gets the chance–a real chance–to win the North American Sled Dog Derby at Fairbanks.  So Charlie One-Eye trains Kävik up to be as mean and tough as he can get, so that he has what it takes to lead Charlie’s team to the Finish Line.

This is the dog that George C. Hunter saw standing at the Finish Line of the North American Sled Dog Derby.  While the rest of Charlie One-Eye’s team was laying in heaps–obviously exhausted–Kävik stood erect in the middle of the road, ready to start up again if his master gave the signal.  This was the dog that Mr. Hunter wanted to buy.

And so he did.  Mr. Hunter bought Kävik from Charlie One-Eye for a hefty two-thousand dollars.  It was arranged that the dog would be flown by Smiley Johnson over to Copper City, where one of Mr. Hunter’s tenders would take him aboard and deliver the dog to Mr. Hunter in Seattle.

But then, tragedy strikes.

What will happen to Kävik?

What I Liked About This Book:  This story was fun to read and wholesome, and was a lot like what I would expect from a classic about a dog.  All in all, it was very enjoyable, and I would say that kids (probably eight-years-old or older) who are dog fans would like it.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book:  There isn’t anything in particular that I didn’t like about this book.  🙂

Come back next week to read about ‘The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow’!



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