It’s May!

Yes it is, and a lot of stuff will be happening in May for my family and me.  🙂

Number 1.  My papa Bowman (my dad’s dad) might be visiting us later this month.  And if he does, we will of course be wanting to take him to places like the Rifle Bird Sanctuary–which is an awesome place to see birds, by the way.


A shocked looking Sandhill Crane.

Number 2.  May 4th will be coming soon, which gives me a reason to make a post about Star Wars, go around the house giggling and saying ‘May the fourth be with you’ all day long, and maybe even watch more than one Star Wars movie–all in one day.  (Maybe I could learn how to draw Yoda!)

Number 3.  My oldest brother will be turning nine years old on May 5th.

Number 4.  I have until May 5th to chose the winner for a contest that I’m hosting on my DeviantART.  It’ s the first DeviantART contest that I’ve ever hosted, so it’s pretty exciting for me.  It makes me feel more official.  😛

Number 5.  My second-oldest brother will be turning seven years old on May 8th.  (Does that mean more Birthday cake, too?  :P)

Number 6.  At the start of every month, I flip my calender to the next page and decorate it with my markers and stuff.



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