My Brothers Are Art Critics

Indeed they are.  They will tell you right away if they like something or if they don’t, and what they don’t/do like about it.  With close-to-zero mercy.  Literately.  I get a little fidgety when they come up next to me and start to watch me draw.

I’m their big sister, and if I accidentally draw an alien robot or a pony wrong in front them, I better cover up my mistake real quick.  I can totally laugh it off like it’s all cool, it’s just a mistake, and it’s funny.  Which is what I usually do–and okay, mistakes in art can look pretty funny.  Or I can purposefully draw something that looks silly.  I mean, that’s the kind of stuff that I do just to entertain myself, right?

Starscream Has a Mustache

I was drawing a funny Starscream and Megatron Pony picture. But then I drew this silly little mustache and beard onto Starscream, which for some reason struck me as very funny.

So today, while I was working on the drawing that you see above, my brothers also began to draw.  Or at least two of them did.  One of them kept asking another one of them if he wanted to go play on the trampoline.  So two of them sat down at the dining table and began to draw pictures of Minecraft and Transformers.  Those two things go very well together, too.  Mineformers

 Anyways, I should probably point out something else.

My brothers copy stuff that I do.  For real.  I used to not believe it when my parents told me to not act stupid, because my brothers would copy everything that I said or did.  But within the last several months, I’ve matured too some amount.  And I now see how my brothers copy stuff that I do.  Seriously.

My brothers were sort of into Transformers before, but they liked other stuff more–like the Avengers.  But after awhile of me talking, drawing, watching and even reading about Transformers, they all got a lot more into it.  Now Transformers is something that’s talked about amongst us siblings on a daily basis.  Whereas last Spring, it really wasn’t brought up very often.

And another thing.  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.  I watched it, and I got drawn into it pretty quickly once I realized that it’s a lot better from the My Little Pony show that I used to watch when I was younger.  I used to hide the fact that I watched it, because I was embarrassed that I watched–and enjoyed–a show for seven year old girls.  But as I grew to like it more, I began to mention it, and admitted that I had seen a few episodes.  But I acted like I didn’t really know all of the main characters’ names and stuff.  And now?  It’s talked about almost as often as Transformers are, now.  My brothers like it, and occasionally watch it.  And we make My Little Pony jokes, and laugh at My Little Pony comics on the internet.

That’s just another example of how they copy stuff that I do.

And finally; drawing.  My brothers like to draw, but it comes in spurts.  For a week or two, it’s all that they want to do.  But then they stop for awhile.  But ever since I started drawing a lot more often, they’ve started drawing a lot more too.  It’s awesome.  Our fridge is now covered in silly Minecraft comics, Transformers pictures, and The Legend Of Zelda pictures.  We have to hang our drawings in other places now, because we don’t have much room on the fridge anymore.

Now, I guess that this isn’t something that I usually admit, but it actually touched me in a way, when earlier my brothers said that they like my art, and they complimented on my Starscream and Megatron Pony drawing.  They are apparently, very good fans of mine.

Starscream Has Fan-girls CAPTIONED



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