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More Than 100 Kids Jokes All Clean Jokes–All Story Jokes Book #3


Today I shall be reviewing ‘More Than 100 Kids Jokes All Clean Jokes–All Story Jokes  Book #3’, by Peter Jenkins.

Now, the first thing that you may notice is the rather long title.  Um, the book title–not the blog post title.  Well actually, both of those two titles because their both the same long book title.  Anyways…

The next thing that you may notice is that the title consists of the number ‘100’ and the word ‘jokes’.  This is a joke book.  😛

However, I’m not sure how to review the story of a joke book, accept to say that the author probably had a blast writing it.  So I’ll just skip ahead to the ‘Why I Liked It’ and ‘Why I Didn’t Like It’ part of the book review.

(Oh, I should tell you that I read this book on the Kindle, and can’t seem to find a page for the author on the internet or a book cover to insert into this post.  So it may be that the Peter Jenkins who wrote this book is not an incredibly well-known author, and his book may only be available on the Kindle right now.  ;))

Why I Liked This Book: All of the jokes were in story form, so they led up to the punchline as a mini-story.  And I really was laughing at a few of the jokes in there.  XD

Why I Didn’t Like This Book: I like silly and clever jokes, but some of the jokes in this book were only supposed to be funny because someone was getting hurt.  Even though I make jokes like that with my brothers all of the time, I was looking for more clever jokes that would take me by surprise when I read this book.

Come back next Friday to here about ‘The Island of the Blue Dolphins’!



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One thought on “More Than 100 Kids Jokes All Clean Jokes–All Story Jokes Book #3

  1. It’s really hard to find good joke books huh? I like situation humor, so I find picture books like “The Stinky Cheese Man” extremely funny. Denna (8) loves knock-knock jokes and we have a hard time finding new, good ones.

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