Island of the Blue Dolphins

Island of the Blue DolphinIsland of the Blue Dolphins‘ is a book written by Scott O’Dell, and which was first published in 1960.  The book has 184 pages, including the ‘Author’s Note’ at the end.

The story goes something like this:


Karana is an Indian girl who lives on an island that is shaped like a fish sunning itself in the sea.  She lives with her family in a village on the island, and works like any other native girl of her tribe would.  She is not yet old enough to marry, although her older sister–who loves earrings and such–is already old enough to be taken as a wife.

Life is fine on the island of the Blue Dolphins, but then the Aleuts come to hunt otter on the island, and tragedy strikes–more than once.

What will happen to Karana?  Surely a young girl can’t handle something like this.

Why I Liked This Book:  It was interesting and fun to read–especially once I read the ‘Author’s Note’ and learned that the story of Karana is actually based off of true events.  Also, I like stories about people surviving somewhere, especially alone on an island.  🙂

Why I Didn’t Like This Book:  I don’t really have an reasons for not liking this book, and I definitely recommend it.

I would say that starting from eight or nine years old, someone would like this book–but it depends on how much they like to read.  And anyone younger than that might like to have it read to them.

Come back next week to hear about ‘The Mouse and The Motorcycle’!



2 responses to “Island of the Blue Dolphins

  1. I love, love, love this one! I’ve liked every book I’ve read by Scott O’Dell except one. It’s great you’re finding these older books to enjoy.

    I’ll be back for Mouse and the Motorcycle, too. Another of my old favorites I’ve read to my kids several times. The movie is on YouTube in four 10-minute parts. It’s really cute. My 8-yr-old son still loves to watch it. Here are the links:

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