At a Friend’s House

Rainbow ButtTis true.  I am at someone’s house right now, on my laptop, playing Facebook games and answering messages–and now I’m writing this blog post.

You may think that it’s rude to bring your laptop (including the laptop cord and mouse–all in the laptop case) over to somebody’s house where you begin to write a blog post.  I mean, that stuff is generally for home, right?  If someone has invited you over, why not just spend time joking and laughing and playing games and stuff with them?  Well, in certain circumstances, the people who have invited you over aren’t exactly in your age range.  They’re grown ups.  Adults.  Full-grown human beings.

So my brothers and me are in their spare bedroom right now.  But we have a ton of entertainment.  I’m choosing to write a blog post on my laptop.  Which has access to the vast World Wide Web.  I’m not bored.  I could watch Nyan Cat if I wanted to.  (But I don’t want to watch Nyan Cat right now.  I’d rather watch Kid Snippets.  :P)  My brothers are on my mom’s Kindle Fire, playing a game called ‘Dragon Story’, where you collect and breed dragons.  (And they just figured out how to name their dragons, so now there’s a dragon named after each one of us siblings.)  And the people whose house we’re at have a Lego set that they said we could build.  So we have lots of stuff to keep the Boredom away.

Well, I’m not sure what to say now.  So, I’ll post later!



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