The Pool

(This is not my photo.)


Today we went to the nearby public pool for the first time ever.  I hadn’t been swimming in a long time–and neither had any of my brothers.  Usually I just pick back up where I left off, but to tell you the truth, I’m not a very good swimmer.  I’m pretty good at the dog-paddle, and I know how to float…  But that’s pretty much it.  This doesn’t bother me though, we all had a really good time.  😀

I’m not sure how long we stayed, but apparently it was a really long time.  It felt like only an hour though!

And also, something funny happened.  After awhile of swimming, I realized that I hadn’t talked to anybody else at the pool, which is really unusual for me.  Usually I just walk right up to somebody and launch right into conversation:  “Hi, what’s your name?  I’m Jackson!  That’s a cool name–do you like to draw?  I love to draw!  What about books, do you have a favorite book?  I don’t think that I do–I just love so many of them!”  Etc.

But for some reason I didn’t talk to anybody accept for maybe a simple ‘hi’ as I swam/walked past.  Oh yeah, there were a couple of girls in the locker rooms that I sort of had a conversation with.  I told them that I was new and asked if they could tell me where I could put my stuff.

The Locker rooms.  I don’t remember ever having to actually shower in a locker room before.  Maybe it’s just because I’m older now.

But for real.  I was the only girl in my family in the locker rooms (my mom was off somewhere, it was just my dad and my brothers and me) and I didn’t really know what to do.  I’m not sure if your supposed to change in the rooms that actually have ‘lockers’ in them, but just in case that wasn’t what you did–I chose I nice bathroom stall.


I was having a great time swimming around and splashing and floating and attempting to swim underwater, when destiny decided to call on me.  I looked up to see–against the glare of the sun–a rainbow, and near it, another rainbow.  Instantly I yelled: “A Double Rainbow!”  Which made the two kids next to me look up.

After I pointed out the two rainbows to them, we started joking about double rainbows and then we ended up covering a bunch of other subjects pretty quickly.

What’s your name?

Did you have to walk here, or drive here?

At some point we even started talking about ‘Charlie the Unicorn’, which led to us all making high-pitched voices while we said:  “Chaaaarlie, let’s go to Candy Mountain Chaaaarlie!”  The name Charlie led us to imitating ‘Charlie Bit my Finger’, and ‘David After Dentist’ was also mentioned.

So we basically ran through a bunch of YouTube videos and laughed and talked and held our breath so that we would sink to the bottom of the pool and come back up.

All in all, my brothers and me had a great day at the pool.  😀


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