Our New House!

We’ve moved into another new house!  It’s another rented out house, but the guy who owns it is really nice and he’s one of our friends.  The house is kind of old, and has a lot of stuff in it that doesn’t belong to us, so we have to make sure not to lose our stuff among other stuff and not to break anything.  (I broke something on our first day here while baking chocolate chip cookies–seriously.  Never pull on one of those “cabinets” that are set in front of the sink–they aren’t real.  Luckily they were put back.)

This house was a surprise, because I’d only ever seen the front of it from the front yard.  So when we moved in, all of us kids got to see our new rooms and stuff for the first time!

My brothers and me got cool looking bedrooms, too.  My brothers room is slanted on two sides because of the roof, and they have a window where they can look out at the moon or the backyard.  One slanted side is green, with a bed tucked close to the floor underneath it, so you can actually touch the roof when you’re sleeping.  The other side is the same, only yellow.  One brother (the one whose favorite color is green) sleeps on the green side.  The oldest one sleeps in the middle.  And the youngest one (the one that really likes the color yellow) sleeps on the yellow side.  So it all worked out really well.  🙂

As for my new room, here some photos:


This is the majority of my new room.


These are two of the flock of little Origami birds that float from my ceiling.

I don’t really know how to do Origami, unless folding a paper airplane counts.  I do think that it’s cool, however, and so discovering that the person who lived in this room before had hung Origami birds from the ceiling was pretty awesome.  But that’s not the only thing that she did.  Apparently whenever she saw something funny on the Internet, she would write/draw it on the wall inside of her closet.  So I have a wall of Memes and funny quotes to look at.  🙂

Also, she has a super good drawing of a human eye, and it’s really impressive–but it also gives off the feeling that I’m carrying the One Ring or something.

The house also has a way bigger T.V than our last one did, so that makes playing video games more fun.  But one of the biggest most coolest things about the new house, is…

The backyard!  The backyard is so awesome!  There’s a stream in it with water-bugs and crawdads.  There’s an apple tree, a cherry tree, there might be a raspberry bush, and I know that there’s a blueberry bush.  And best of all…  Cats!  We get to take care of the owner’s two cats that live in the backyard!  And guess what the neighbor’s have?  A cat!


This is Sasha, one of the two cats that we’ll be taking care of for the Summer. Sasha and Sidekick are brothers, (apparently ‘Sasha’ is a male Russian name) and both of them are about ten years old. 😀



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