The Blog Post of Blog Post-ness

Because titles aren’t my strong point.  😛

So…  A lot of stuff has happened since we’ve moved into our new house.  We’ve met lots of new people, and our neighborhood has lots of cats and dogs in it—-so we’ve met lots of new animals too.

Well, yesterday my family and me went to someone’s Birthday Barbeque, and it was really fun.  I’m Homeschooled and I’m very talkative, so if you place me in a room/yard full of people, guess what happens?

“Hi!  I’m Jackson!  What’s your name?  My favorite color is purple, what’s yours?”

“I’m Homeschooled, and I’m really happy about it!  Public School was pretty bad at every school that I ever went to.”

“One time I…”

“And there was this other time when my oldest brother…”

“We’ve moved around a lot—-yeah, it’s fun.  Staying in one place for your whole life just sounds boring to me.”

“I love hamburgers.  Do you watch Transformers Prime?  No?  It’s the newest Transformers show; it’s got the best animation and best voice acting of any Transformers show that I’ve ever seen.  And there are some serious plot twists!”

“So what about Doctor Who?  No?  It’s really cool!  This guy travels through time and space in his TARDIS–erm, no, that’s the name of his ship, not a curse word–and it’s really cool!”

“Still nothing?  Not even Daleks?  You know, the big upside-down garbage-can looking robot that goes around with a Death Ray and a Plunger while it yells–“EX-TER-MIN-ATE!”


“So what about the Andy Griffith Show?”

Surprisingly, for such a talkative person, I’m not much of a blogger.  Or I am, but only sometimes.  My blogging comes in spurts.  (Which is why I haven’t had a new blog post for a long time.  Not even a book review.  Remember when I used to do weekly book reviews?)

But anyways.  That sums up a great amount of that Barbeque.  I was the oldest kid there, but the youngest teenager (yeah, I’m in the middle right now.  I have to decide which age I’d rather act like, and I usually just try not to push it.  Imagine me trying to act grown up.  Or me trying to act like a five-year-old.  Not fun.)  I usually bring my sketch book with me, pretty much everywhere that I go.

I guess that I should post some photos that I’ve taken since my last blog post.


Sacha and Sidekick, are House Owner’s cats. 🙂


Sacha on our first day here. He was lying in the garden.


My neon orange tongue after I ate a giant Popsicle at Soccer Camp. 😛


This sweet car that was parked outside of our house when we came back from camping.
The first thing that I thought when I saw it was: “It’s a Transformer.”

One last thing before I end this post.

Lately, I’ve been drawing a lot more.  A lot more.  A few days ago I painted something on my Tablet that is probably the best thing that I have ever drawn in my whole entire life so far.  (Then again, I’m twelve…  But I still really like it.  :D)

Optimus Prime

And here is my made-up robot character named, Hatchet.  I’ve been coming up with a lot of made-up animals and aliens and stuff lately.



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