Preschool Robots

Like any other Sunday, today we had church.  Now, most churches are boring, I’m going to just go ahead and say that.

Once you get past the 5th Grade, you kiss Sunday school goodbye and sit in ‘Big Church’ with your parents or grandparents or whoever brought you.

And then there’s KidsCare.  KidsCare is a program that our church does, and it is exactly as it sounds.  You care for the kids at the church, help them to feel welcome, if they need someone with them than someone will by their Buddy for that Sunday–etc.

So today I went upstairs where all of the classrooms are, and as it turns out I wasn’t scheduled to be a Buddy this week.  So I went to see if I could help out in a Preschool room, and I could!  I love helping out with little kids, and Preschoolers say some of the most funniest things sometimes, so the Preschool room(s) are my alternative if I don’t have a Buddy or a class that week.  🙂

I walked in through the baby gate that was barring the door, and there was a little girl who I know pretty well!  I won’t say her name, so I’m going to just call her ‘Kitty’, because she’s cute.  Kitty was in her dad’s lap, trying to fix a Blue’s Clues puzzle with him, and when I came in he got up to leave.  Well, she did not like that, and she had tears to prove it.

She forgot pretty quickly though, because one of the adult helpers brought out this toy farm set that had a bunch of little animals and farmers, and her and me got to playing with that.

I’m going to change the subject:  I really like robots.

Now let’s the change the subject back.

I looked up from the farm set to exclaim, “Kitty!  Why don’t we play Robots?


So we got up and started to walk around the Preschool room, pretending to be helper robots for people.  We put toys back where they go, and payed attention to some baby dolls, and at one part I started doing this weird little dance while I said in a sing-song voice: “I’m a happy robot!  Hap-py!”  Which made Kitty start dancing too.

Then, when it was story time, I whispered to Kitty that we needed to be ‘quiet robots’, and she actually did it.

She was a quiet robot, and she looked at the teacher.  All of them did, actually.  Some of them kept standing up, but most of them seemed transfixed on the teacher.

Next was Craft Time, and the robot thing was still going on.  I declared in a robotic voice: “I am a ro-bot.  I am go-ing to make a cr-aft.”  That made some of the other kids look over at me, which was pretty funny.

So we made torches by stuffing colorful paper into toilet paper-less toilet paper rolls, and we cleaned up, and when the parents came one of the kids yelled:  “Oh no, the moms and dads are here!”



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