The One Rubik’s Cube, to Rule Them All.

So, I’ve had this Artists’/Writers’ Block for a few days now.  I had a great few weeks where I wrote and drew a ton, and I made great progress and had a lot of fun.  But then the writing and drawing parts of my brain shut down.

The Writing part of my brain:  “Writing is fun and stuff, but give it a break.  You can write Transformers Fan-Fictions later.  Just go outside and pet your House Owner’s cats.”

The Drawing part of my brain:  “Yeah, dude.  I need to reload–you can put off drawing robot ponies for a little while, right?  Just go play some video games.”

Me:  “Whatever brain!  I’m gonna go kill virtual phantoms with Venus flytraps and watch Doctor Who–with my cup of Green Tea!”

Only I told somebody that I was going to draw a picture of a certain My Little Pony for their little sister’s Birthday.  Luckily, I managed to get that picture done today–which means that despite the mental Rubik’s Cube that’s in my way, I actually got the picture done a day early.

Fluttershy B-Day Present CAP

For those who can’t read what it’s saying:
“Happy Birthday!”
“Oh, um… if it even is your Birthday.”
“It is right?”
“Oh dear, I just knew that I would get something wrong…”
“Happy Birthday…?”

Well, as it turns out, I can still write blog posts.  But my stories will have to wait a while.  So, I thought that I’d post some of my recent art.


This is a donkey that I drew a few weeks ago.

Pheonix Cropped

This is a phoenix that I drew a few months ago. (Originally that fiery background was going to be a sunset. But hey, the sun has fire, right?)

Pheonix (For Dad)

This is a phoenix that I drew for my dad on Father’s Day. 🙂

This isn’t super recent art, since before my Artists’ Block I was drawing a ton, which quickly outdated drawings that were just a couple or so months old.  But these are some drawings that I wanted to share.

Fun fact:  I’ve started watching the show, ‘Doctor Who’.  And it’s pretty awesome.

I’m going to bake cookies with one of my brothers now.



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