Back From Camping

I’m back from camping!  I’ve actually been back for about three or four days by now, but I never made a blog post about it.  -_-

So, as it turns out, my camera funked up the night before we left to go camping.  I had been using it a bunch because I kept re-shooting a video that I was trying to make.  It got a little bit hot feeling, the way that computers do when you use them a bunch.  But that’s perfectly normal, and it’s done that before.

So I uploaded my video, deleted a bunch of stuff off of my camera so that I had room for lots of camping photos/videos, and then I went to go re-charge it for the night, when…

“That’s funny, the screen is black, but the light is still on.  Maybe I should click the power button again? 

Um, it’s still on…  Maybe I should click it again, but this time hold it down for a long time?

Okay, well I’m a little worried now.  But I’ll just re-charge it and hope that it will be back to normal by tomorrow morning.  It probably just needs a break.  The power was really low by the time I quiet using it.  It’s probably just doing weird things because it’s battery ran out while it was still on…  Was it still on?  I thought that I had turned it off.”

That’s about how it went.

The next morning, the camera still wasn’t working, and I was really worried.  My parents were both packing the car for camping, so they couldn’t look at it at the moment.  So I put it in my backpack and never got back to it.  Which is why there are no photos of us camping…

Sorry.  😦

But.  I still have some stuff to say about camping, despite the lack of pictures.  🙂

There were lots and lots of kids there.  We were camping with several other families, and almost all of them had little kids.  Luckily, I’m used to acting the role of big-sister, and I really like playing with little kids, so it all worked out really well.

I do this thing for my brothers where I act out a character (usually a robot) doing silly things.  It can last for a couple or so hours if we get really on a role, and it’s usually pretty funny.  Most of the characters that I act out have silly voices, and their robots from shows like ‘Transformers’ or ‘Doctor Who’.  But I make them do goofy stuff that they would never do in the actual shows.

Have you ever seen a robot with a high-pitched voice start rambling on about something or other?  Or a robot with a funny voice claim that he has read the whole entire Dictionary, while he miss-pronounces the word ‘Dictionary’ wrong at least three times?

That’s the kind of stuff that goes on in these Plays.  And I literately found myself pretending to be Transformers in front of, like, nine little boys who were all laughing their heads off.  XD

I would also tell them stories (stories that I was making up right on the spot) of Spider-Man and other Super-Heroes.  But get this–the kids were actually really into it.

When I told them that I an enemy was sneaking up very, very slowly and very, very quietly towards Spider-Man, they would lean forward and their eyes would get bigger.

Spider-Man usually defeated his enemies in these stories by smashing pie into their face.  They loved that part.  XD  Well, um, the kids–not the enemies.

And one of the nights that we were there, this little two-year-old girl arrived with her family to camp there too.  (I’ll just call her Princess, since she kept pretending to be one.)  Well, we said hello, and things escalated pretty quickly.

I had this flashlight with me, and it was late at night, so I made a bunch of different shaped shadows appear on the ground.  I would make my hand (which was a spider) run up to her on the ground, and she would shriek and jump on top of it, so that the spider was ‘smished’.

But mainly I made my hand’s shadow into a dragon, which would chase her and sometimes give her rides and stuff.  And she would feed it rocks so that it would grow to be a bigger dragon.  Etc.

Lots of other stuff happened, too.

We ate Smore Cones, (Ice-cream Cones with melted chocolate chips and marshmallows in them) and drank hot chocolate.  We talked around the campfire until an Officer came by one day to tell us that we had to put out our fire because there was a Fire Ban on.  So we just sat around candles, lamps, and a tall heater after that.  Which also meant that we had to roast our Cones in the oven after that.

And we exchanged stories.  Most of the men there had stories about how their friends or them had encountered grizzly bears and cougars while hunting or camping.

I paddled around in a paddle-boat a lot, which was a lot of fun.  But we couldn’t swim in the lake because there were leeches in it.  (I actually saw a leech or two in the water.  They just look like big, slinking, stretching, water-slugs.)  So we went to a different lake to go swimming.  I also fished at least once, but I didn’t actually catch anything.  I had a couple of nibbles, and I hooked one fish, but it got away.

I could go on for even longer, but I’m going to stop here.



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