A Visit to Storybrooke

Have you ever watched that show called ‘Once Upon a Time‘?  It’s pretty good.  It’s a show about, well, a lot of stuff.  And I really shouldn’t try to explain it, because the show is a lot better if you don’t have any spoilers to begin with.  But what I will say, is that it is taken place in this town called ‘Storybrooke’.

Now, Storybrooke seems like a pretty small town.  It has a few streets with some cafes/diners, pawnshops, bakeries, etc.  There’s this old Inn and there’s a court house, but otherwise it’s surrounded by a bunch of forest.  So it’s pretty tucked away and otherwise snug.

But that’s only how it looks in the show.  It’s filmed up in British Columbia (maybe other places, but I think that it’s only in BC) and “Storybrooke” is actually an assortment of different towns and places.  But they do a really good job of piecing it together to make it seem like it’s only one small town.

My mom took me out on a surprise today, and she seemed really excited.  And I could not guess what the surprise was.

Is it the movie theater?

Are we… going horse-back riding?

Are we…  Um…  going to a…  Um…  Friends house?

Nope.  None of those things.

So we get to this town called ‘Steveston’.  It’s got some nice cafes/diners, pawnshops, bakeries, etc.  We start driving down the road, and I start reading signs to try and figure out where we are, when my mom points to a sign.

“Look at that sign!”

“What sign?”

“That sign.”

We passed the sign, so I wasn’t able to read it.

So I continue reading signs, until we parked and got out.

Mom and me walked down to this candy store, and she started looking at something in the window.  There’s an assortment of cakes and fudge in the window, and a couple of papers taped up to it.  I start trying to talk about something with mom while I read the names on the cakes and stuff.

Me:  “So, mom blah blah blah blah blah.”

Mom:  “Uh huh.”

Me:  “And then blah blah blah blah blah.”

Mom:  “Yep, that’s really interesting.”

Me:  “But I…  Mom?  Are you even listening to me?”

Mom:  “Uh huh.”

No she isn’t.  She’s staring at a piece of paper in the window, and she has on this voice that sounds completely fake.

That’s when I look at the paper.  And stuff began to click.  It took a really long time for it to all form in my head correctly though.

The piece of paper was a brochure explaining how the show ‘Once Upon a Time’ was filmed in Steveston, and how you could take a tour around the places that they usually filmed.

Storybrooke.  Storybrooke.

I had been reading signs, and I’d probably read the name ‘Storybrooke’ on at least three of them.  But I didn’t even notice.  I had passed a bakery that said ‘Storybrooke Bakery’, and a ‘Storybrooke Pet Shelter’, and I hadn’t noticed.  I had stood there in front of that window and read the names of cakes and fudges, including a special ‘Snow White Fudge’ and I had not noticed.

After that, we started to have a lot of fun.

We got to see a lot of the buildings and stuff from the show, and some of them were still partly dressed up to look like Storybrooke.  And we got to eat at this diner that the characters are always eating at, so that was really fun.  (The inside of the diner is actually filmed somewhere else.  But the outside of it is what looks like something from Storybrooke.)  For awhile I sat outside of “Granny’s” diner with a cup of hot cocoa, saying how weird it was that I was ‘at Granny’s Diner’ over and over again.  XD

I’m not even a super huge fan of the show, but it’s the only show that both my mom and me watch together and manage to keep up with.  Plus, it really was like I was walking around in Storybrooke.  I mean–sure–a lot of stuff that’s in the show wasn’t there.  But it was still really cool.

And, they were having a festival too!  Which means lots of crafts and activities and food.

And, the Lady Washington was there!  The Lady Washington is a ship that was used in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and is also used as Captain Hook’s ship in Once Upon a Time!  It’s funny, because a few years ago I saw that exact same ship when we were down in Monterey, California.  Back then I was five or six years old, and now I’m twelve years old, and I’m seeing the same ship again.  O-O

Lady Washington 1 and 2

Then, and, now.


My mom and me.


A guy dressed up as a pirate on stilts.


A guy dressed up as an old man on stilts. XD


The Lady Washington. Or the Jolly Roger, as it’s called in ‘Once Upon a Time’. 🙂


Me on board the Lady Washington.


My mom and me on board the Lady Washington.


There were a lot of ropes on that boat. O_O


My hand and me. 😛



This is a set used in the show. They only use the Lady Washington when it’s sailing apparently, so this boat is dressed up to look like the real thing.




This building is used as the library/clock tower in the show. But the clock tower is added on with the computer.


This is the diner called ‘Granny’s Diner’ in the show. 🙂


This is ‘Mr. Gold’s Pawn Shop’ in the show. 😀


Canadians have different tastes from some Americans. Such as vinegar on their fries.


Me outside of the bakery.


Me learning how to craft Origami swans. I’ve forgotten how to now, but it was fun at the time.
It’s in dedication of the swans there. The swans always nest at a high-tide area for some reason, so their eggs often get washed away. 😦


A pair of earrings that I bought at “Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop”.
They didn’t come without a price… 😛



12 responses to “A Visit to Storybrooke

  1. So super cool! I love Once Upon a Time! I would’ve been geeking out if I were there. So cool to recognize the buildings & ship in your pictures. Sounds like it was a fun time. Oh and love the reference at the end. “It didn’t even come with a price…” Lol! Can’t wait for the next season! 🙂

  2. i love once upon a time too!!! i cant wait for the next season! (peter pan is bad and the bad guys and the good guys work together )

  3. thanks for sharing this – looks like you had a great time. we went down there sometime around that time, but everything was different. There were only a couple of the signs up, however we could recognize several of the buildings from the show. Lots of fun!

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